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10 Historically Accurate Details About The Costumes In 'TLOK' That Are Actually Super Interesting

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TLOK is set in a much more modern world than A:TLA, and as a result, the fashion is more modern as well. There are more dresses, fewer robes, and there's an increased emphasis on style. Vote up the facts that you find most fascinating about the show's fashion! 

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    Fashion In Republic City Resembles Chinese Fashion Of The 20th Century

    Many of the elements of Republic City fashion resemble Chinese fashion of the 20th century. This includes women wearing cheongsams on formal occasions. Cheongsams are typically form-fitting to the body, and often feature some amount of ornate detail, though not always. The 20th century garments make sense, in part because Republic City is clearly inspired by the technologies of the 1920s.

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    Korra Wears More Traditionally Masculine Clothing

    Korra's clothing is very much in line with what the Southern Water Tribe was wearing when Sokka and Katara were its most famous members. The only difference between Korra's clothes and Katara's is that Korra's clothing is coded more masculine. She wears more sleeveless outfits, and her tight-fitting tank tops and arm bands resemble the clothing worn by male Native Americans. Today, arm bands are often tattoos. The Water Tribes are still based in native cultures, but Korra upends the gender dynamics that were established in A:TLA

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    Pro-Bending Uniforms Are Based On Early Football Gear

    Pro-bending uniforms are obviously designed to keep competitors from getting severely injured in the arena. As it turns out, the uniforms worn by pro-benders are based in part on those worn by early football players. In its earliest days, protection was much more scant in football, and the pads were typically made out of leather instead of plastic like they are today. 

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    Water Tribe Coats Are More Complex In Korra's Time

    Although they still have one foot firmly planted in the traditions of Native cultures from around the globe, Water Tribe clothing definitely becomes more modern in Korra's era. This is especially noticeable with coats, which are much more form-fitting and stylish in Korra's time than they were in Aang's. As culture evolves, so does fashion, and the fashion of Korra's Water Tribe reflects a move toward less bulky clothing generally. 

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