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Easy Costumes If You Already Have A Beard or Mustache

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With Halloween closing in fast, it's time to turn to your closet and see if you have anything that you can make a last-minute costume around. Once you have that key piece, the rest of your Halloween costume is easy. If you have facial hair - a beard or mustache of any length or type -  then start your DIY with this list of easy costumes with beards.

Most of these beard costume ideas only need basic clothing and accessories to finish off the look, like the The Dude, Tony Stark, or Ron Swanson. Some of the other costume ideas take some more accessorizing, but are worth it, especially if you want to spend Halloween as Macho Man Randy Savage or Captain Spaulding.

If you have a beard, which of these last-minute costume ideas is the easiest and most creative use of your closet? If we've forgotten any great DIY costumes with beards, be sure to share!

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