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The Best Count Characters of All Time

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Who are the best count characters? There are counts all over fiction, from television to books to Hollywood movies. But which famous fictional counts are the best ever? That is up to you you and your votes on this list of count characters.

A count, in real life, is a European nobleman, whose rank among the nobility corresponds to that of an English earl. In fiction, there are counts that live on Sesame Street and aren't part of a real nobility at all, and also counts like Edmond Dantes, of The Count of Monte Cristo, who is kind of based on a real person and has quite a story that you should really just read for yourself (or just watch that Wishbone episode, even).

There are even space counts like Count Dooku of the Star Wars universe, and cereal counts like Count Chocula. This count characters list has them all, whether they are movie characters, TV stars, or just cartoon spokepersons. As long as the count in question is a real crazy character made up for some entertaining purpose, then you will find him here.

What about the lady counts, you ask? Well, they are called "countesses" and aren't on this list at all. This is just male count characters who you really like. Show your fondness for Count Rugen, Count Dracula, or Count Duckula by voting for the best counts below. Plus, if your favorite count characters are missing, you can go right ahead and add them, for other fans of minor nobility in fiction to vote on.