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Countries with the Atomic Bomb

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A list of nuclear powers, with pictures. Nuclear countries, also known as nuclear states, are countries with the bomb-- the atomic bomb. This list of nuclear countries includes such world nuclear powers as the United States and Russia, as well as other nuclear nations such as France and China. Since the end of World War II, many of the world's nations have strived to join the nuclear club by being armed with the atomic bomb. Hopefully though, a weapon that splits the atom will never be used again, though as you can see there are a number of nations with nuclear capacity. Fortunately, efforts such as the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty are in affect to help keep arsenal numbers down.

There are many countries with atomic bombs and nuclear weapons are often hot button foreign policy topics, widely debated in international politics. From the 2015 US and Iran nuclear negotiations, to nuclear agreements throughout history, all these negotiations and discussions have affected what countries have atomic bombs. Take a look at this list of countries with nuclear weapons and educate yourself on which nations possess nuclear abilities.
  • United States of America1

    United States of America

    Washington, D.C.
    Year of First Detonation: 1945
  • Russian Federation/USSR2

    Russian Federation/USSR

    Year of First Detonation: 1949
  • United Kingdom3
    Year of First Detonation: 1952
  • France4


    Year of First Detonation: 1960
  • China5


    Year of First Detonation: 1964
  • India6


    New Delhi
    Year of First Detonation: 1974
  • Israel7


    Year of First Detonation: 1979
  • Pakistan8


    Year of First Detonation: 1998
  • North Korea9

    North Korea

    Year of First Detonation: 2006