The Countries with the Best Wine

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List of countries with the best wine ranked from best to worst. Most of the wine produced in the world comes from only ten countries, but some of the most delicious wine comes from unexpected nations. Which country produces the best wine? That is a matter of taste. Different regions specialize in growing different varieties of grapes which yield different types of wine. Vote on this list and we will determine once and for all which country makes the best wine.

France and Italy are the top producing wine regions in the world, but does that make them the best? France is known for delicious Merlot and Italy produces wonderful Sangiovese grapes that are used to make Chianti. California wines are becoming more popular all over the world giving the United States a real shot at being named the best wine country.

Australia have been exporting some wonderful Shiraz and Chardonnay, with their most popular market places being the US, China and Japan. If you prefer, Riesling then Germany just might be your favorite place for wine.

Which country has the best wine? Vote on this list of countries with the best wine and we will see whose spirits are supreme. Cheers!
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