The Best Country Singers with Raspy Voices

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Many country singers sing with a raspy tone, whether it's their natural voice or a sound they've cultivated over the years. If you enjoy country singers with raspy voices, you might be a fan of singers like Willie Nelson or Melissa Etheridge. Some famous country musicians are known for their rough voices and it's become an endearing quality for their fans. A few famous country singers with raspy voices have even won Grammy Awards.

Who will you find on this top country singers with raspy voices list? Johnny Cash's voice became significantly more raspy in his later years, notably on his heartbreaking rendition of “Hurt.” Kid Rock may have started his career as a rap rocker, but his raspy voice now shapes some of country music's top hits. Other good country stars with vocal fry include Bonnie Raitt, Merle Haggard, Wanda Jackson, and Chris Stapleton.

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