The 35 Best Alabama Country Songs

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Alabama has a rich history in country music, and some of the best country songs about the Southern state honor all that is great about it. For native Alabamians, these songs will no doubt inspire nostalgia and more than a little state pride. Whether you’re from Alabama or just curious about great country AL songs, you'll find some new favorite tunes on this list.

Ah, "Sweet Home Alabama." Yes, technically Lynyrd Skynyrd is Southern rock, not country, but it would be downright criminal not to include their iconic tune on any list about Alabama songs – country or otherwise. That being said, plenty of tracks on this list of country songs about AL are totally pure classics of the genre. After all, one of country music’s greatest bands is named Alabama. The band, which formed in 1969 and still tours today, is from the town of Fort Payne, which backs right up to the Georgia and Tennessee state lines. That’s just about as country as you can get, geographically speaking. Several other Alabama natives also made this list, including the Drive-By Truckers, Emmylou Harris, The Delmore Brothers, and the great Hank Williams.

Enjoy all of these great songs about AL and be sure to vote for your favorites, too!

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