Great Country Songs About Dancing

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Country songs about dancing are plentiful, and perfect celebrations of all the boot scootin’, honky tonkin' glory that is country. When it comes to this genre, well, dancin' is a big part of it. Scores of honky tonk bars are filled regularly with line dancers doing their thing to country songs. All it takes to get on the dance floor and move till you drop at a country bar is a pair of jeans, a pair of boots, a shiny belt buckle, a real nice hat, and a nonstop supply of liquor. Get 'er done, cowboy. 

Some of these country dance songs even have the word “dance” in the title (easy enough to pick those ones). Those that aren't explicitly about nothing but dancing touch upon the atmosphere and electricity of dancing as part of the overall experience of country music. “I Love this Bar” by Toby Keith is one such track.

It's not all fun and games, though. Some of the most poignant, heartbreaking country songs are about dancing. Need examples? Perhaps the best is Garth Brooks’ iconic “The Dance,” from his 1989 debut album. The song is a lament from a heartbroken man who's nonetheless thankful for the love he's experienced, which included a beautiful dance with his special someone. Bet you didn’t think we’d get this deep with country songs about dance, did you?

Well heck, there are plenty of fun, upliftin', and party-style tunes on this list of country dancing songs, too. So enjoy the videos, pick your favorites (don't forget to vote, ya'll), and break out your boots for a little line dancing soon.

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