The Best Country Songs About Gambling

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These country songs about gambling are among the most memorable in the genre. The songs on this list take listeners straight out of Nashville and into Las Vegas, with tales of luck both good and bad – though arguably, more of the latter. It's no surprise that many of the songs listed here that are about Vegas, the beating heart of gambling in the United States and arguably the world.

If you're a country fan, you'll likely know these songs' lyrics by heart. Kenny Rogers’ iconic song “The Gambler” was released in November 1978. It tells the tale of a man who meets up with a gambling stranger who, for a taste of whiskey, offers up some sage advice about gambling and life in general. “The Gambler” was a massive crossover hit, at a time when the line between country and pop was rarely crossed by any single. Other great country poker songs and tunes about playing craps, slots, and more include Clint Black’s “A Good Run of Bad Luck,” “Aces” by Suzy Bogguss, and “Let’s Go to Vegas” by Faith Hill. 

Which of these hits deserves the top spot on this list of country gambling songs? You decide, with your votes.

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