The Best Country Songs About Guns

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So many country songs are about guns, it’s almost impossible to name them all. But you'll find a number of them on this list. Country shooting songs are among the most memorable. They are often loaded with emotion and feelings of revenge for someone who’d done somebody wrong. Forget talking – these country singers go straight for their firearms to settle disputes.

When it comes to country songs about guns, Johnny Cash’s “Don’t Take Your Guns to Town” is arguably among the best. In this 1958 tune, a restless cowboy called Billy Joe goes against his mother’s advice. He leaves home with his guns at his hips and moseys into a local saloon. You can imagine what comes next – and it’s not good. He should’ve listened to mama. Other great country songs about guns include Miranda Lambert’s powerful “Gunpowder and Lead,” a song about a woman who’s had enough of her abusive husband; Steve Earle’s “The Devil’s Right Hand,” yet another country tune where mama tries to warn her boy about the dangers of carrying a pistol; and Rodney Atkins’ memorable “Cleaning This Gun (Come on in Boy),” where a concerned father finds a particularly potent way to warn his daughter’s would-be suitor to behave himself.

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