The Best Country Songs About Heartbreak

Country music is all about feelings. Is it any wonder there are so many outstanding country songs about heartbreak? These are songs of love, loss, loneliness, and longing, gut wrenching tales one and all. If you’re suffering from heartache, these musicians know exactly how you feel, and they’re here to belt out some of the most amazing country songs about broken hearts ever made. Grab some tissues and a stiff drink, because it's time to get sad as hell, and country to the core. 

When it comes to country heartbreak songs, “He Stopped Loving Her Today” by George Jones may be the greatest of all. The narrator of the song speaks of a heartbroken man being reunited with his lost love… at his funeral. He’d spent years pining for the woman, saving her letters and keeping her photo on his wall. He hoped someday she would return. She did. As he was lowered into the ground. It's certainly one of the saddest country songs about a broken heart ever written, and maybe the single saddest such track. 

You’ll find true classics among these country broken heart songs, including Patsy Cline falling to pieces over her love, Dolly Parton pleading with a woman named Jolene to not take her man, and Garth Brooks explaining that. yes, the experience of heartbreak was painful, but it was worth going through. Vote for the best country songs about a broken heart, and vote down any that you don’t think qualify.

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