The Best Country Songs About Memories

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A lot of country songs are centered around memories. They might be about lost loves, old friends and good times in years gone by, and about those who have passed away. Memories make for great songwriting. These country songs about remembering are sure to move you.

When it comes to country songs about memories, Miranda Lambert almost cornered the market with her 2010 Grammy Award-winning hit “The House that Built Me.” Have you ever wanted to go back and visit the home you grew up in? That’s exactly what Lambert does. Her song recounts her journey through the house as she goes from room to room, remembering all the things that happened there. Other great country memory songs include “The Grand Tour” by George Jones, “As Good as I Once Was” by Toby Keith, and “19 Somethin'” by Mark Wills – an anthem for all Generation Xers, country music fans or not.

From The Judds asking Grandpa to “Tell me ‘bout the good old days” to Kenny Chesney celebrating his favorite bar and all the good times had there, these country songs about memory feature talented musicians waxing nostalgic and singing about childhood, adolescence, first loves, and more. Take a listen, and vote your favorites to the top of the list.

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