The Best Country Songs About Soldiers

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Country music has a long and storied history of soldier songs. For decades, country musicians have been singing songs about soldiers and the military. These country songs about soldiers are just a few shining examples. Many of the songs on this list of country war songs are, understandably, incredibly emotional. They are songs about the war itself. They are songs about the ravages of war on families. They are songs of love, and of loss. They honor soldiers and the many sacrifices they make for freedom.

Perhaps one of the most emotional and poignant country songs about war is Trace Adkins’ “Arlington.” It tells the story of a young soldier, killed in the war, who finds himself buried in Arlington National Cemetery, a 624-acre cemetery established during the Civil War. He’s proud to have served his country, and honored to be buried alongside other brave soldiers – including his own grandfather. For those who’ve lost loved ones to war, the lyrics will certainly hit home.   

Along with The Warren Brothers, Tim McGraw co-wrote one of the most powerful modern-era country songs about the military and soldiers with 2007’s “If You’re Reading This.” In this song, a soldier’s last letter is delivered to his family He says his goodbyes to his mother, father and his pregnant wife. McGraw performed the song live at the 2007 ACM Awards, surrounded by military families of fallen soldiers.

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