The Best Country Songs About Sports

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Sports fans, listen up: these country songs are for you. Some of the best country songs about sports are, not surprisingly, about the joys of playing football and baseball. Yes, there are country sports songs about other types of play, but the joys of these classic American pastimes infuse most of the lyrics in these songs.

The songs listed here are from some of country music’s most iconic artists, including Alabama (loving the view from the “Cheap Seats”), Hank Williams Jr. (who has some rowdy friends who are ready for football), and Brooks and Dunn (describing an “Indian Summer” sports romance). Many popular country music artists also played sports, whether professionally or just while growing up. Their on-field experience adds an especially personal touch to their tunes. But it is Kenny Rogers who manages to perfectly capture the joys of sport in “The Greatest,” a song that finds its subject, a little leaguer, continuing to believe in his abilities – even when faced with adversity. In addition to country songs about football and baseball, country songs about basketball, golf, and of course auto racing have been recorded by hitmakers, though perhaps unsurprisingly there haven't been many country songs about soccer or ice hockey. 

These are some of the greatest country songs about athletes and the games they play. Vote for your home-run favorites, and add any notable tunes that are missing.

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