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The Best Country Songs About Trucks

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Country music fans know this: there are really only a handful of major themes in the genre. One of these themes is trucks. Trucks of all kinds, mind you. Chevys, Fords, GMs, old, new, big, small, all of them fairly well represented in country music songs. Country songs about trucks are also usually a ton of fun. Because what's not fun about a truck? It's the quintessential manifestation of American freedom. 

Don’t believe it? See below. These are all excellent country songs about truck driving or trucks in general (not all of them have the word “truck” in the title, but the theme is clear).  All these tracks are certifiable country trucks songs. Some are about toolin' around town or the countryside in a favorite, beloved old truck with your best girl (and your best dog). Others are about raisin' hell while mud ridin' and gettin' that old truck filthy with your friends (usually while partyin' and drinkin'). Still other country songs about trucking rave about the beauty of a brand spanking new, shiny truck.

Some of the tunes here are actually about big rigs – they’re country truck driving songs. Long-haul truckers spend an awful lot of time away from home as they earn a living. Sometimes, things work out well. Other times, it puts a strain on family. These songs often reflect this theme.

Country artists, in particular, have a deep, abiding love for all kinds of trucks. Just take a look at these trucking country songs below, and be sure to vote for the best of them.