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Great Country Songs About Whiskey

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There are some excellent country songs about whiskey. It shouldn't be surprising, considering the major themes in much of country music (i.e. cheating and fighting and partying). These cowboys like to mosey up to the bar and enjoy a shot or two (or five), and then raise hell in their honkey tonks. Country whiskey songs include flat-out love ballads to Jack Daniels, odes to moonshine runners hauling illegal whiskey down back roads, and tales of good ol’ boys and girls dancing on bars as they swill.

Whiskey and country go way back. Perhaps one of the first – and greatest – country songs about whiskey is the classic “C.C. Waterback” by two of country’s all-time best artists: Merle Haggard and George Jones. A C.C. Waterback, in case you were wondering, is Canadian Club whiskey, straight, with a glass of water on the side. Those two meant business with that song.

Other country whiskey songs lament that no how much of this magical liquor you drink, it simply won’t wash away any painful memories you're trying to shake. Travis Tritt and Marty Stuart knew this, and they sang about it with “The Whiskey Ain’t Workin'.”

So raise a glass, have a listen, and vote on your favorite tunes. Here’s to you, country whiskey song. The next round is on us.