The Best Country Songs About Women

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There is nothing quite like a country woman. She is strong, smart, and able to kick someone’s tail in a heartbeat if she’s so inclined – all while smiling demurely, nary a hair out of place. Is it any wonder that musicians have written so many great country songs about women?

Country songs about hot girls and women have been around as long as the genre itself. Not surprisingly, many of these songs were written and performed by men. From Waylon Jennings’ devoted “Good Hearted Woman” to Kenny Rogers’ heartbreaker “Lucille” to Bryan White’s nostalgic longings for “Rebecca Lynn,” country music offers up some unforgettable female characters in song.

Many of the best country songs about girls and women are also performed by women. Dolly Parton begs “Jolene” not to steal her man, Faith Hill describes a young woman who is a true “Wild One,” and Carrie Underwood sings of the ultimate “All-American Girl,” to name just a few.

You know the names: “Elvira.” “Norma Jean Riley.” “Bobby Sue.” “Fancy.” “Darlin’ Kate.” Now, vote for the best country songs about women here, and let’s see who comes out on top.

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