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The Best Country Songs About Work

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The best country songs about work celebrate the working person – someone who gives everything they have to their job. Or at least shows up, takes some pride in work, and earns that paycheck. Whether the job treats these people in return is another common subject in country work songs. For decades, country music has touted the virtues of hard work, earning an honest living, and taking care of the family. It’s not surprising some outstanding country classics are all about these ideals.

Country songs about working hard often deal with issues like class, poverty, and justice. Having a strong work ethic is an admirable trait, but what if employers don’t care or do right by the workers?

Songs about being under appreciated or mistreated on the job are plentiful.  Johnny Paycheck summed up the feelings of the ever-frustrated worker who’s reached a breaking point with his 1977 classic “Take This Job and Shove It.” Be honest: Who hasn’t had days that make you wanna say that to your boss? Other “I’m so done with this job” songs on this country working songs list include Dolly Parton’s “9 to 5” and Johnny Cash's “Oney.” There are also several modern-day classic country songs about working hard, including Kenny Chesney’s anthem “Shiftwork” and “Blowin’ Smoke” by Kacey Musgraves.  

When it comes to country songs about hard work, these tunes reflect the values of hard work, the struggles of living paycheck to paycheck, or the delicate balancing act of work and living everyone deals with at some point. Vote up your favorite country work songs, and share this list with all your friends who need a little music in their lives.