The Best Country Songs for Breakups

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Country songs about breakups speak the brutal truth about how excruciatingly painful a bad break-up can be. And let’s face it: few other genres come close to the level of angst and sadness heard in many of the greatest country music songs. There's rawness and honesty in country fans connect with, and can't really be found anywhere else. You'll find that pure emotion in all these country breakups songs.

Feeling angry, frustrated, sad, or downright lonely after a breakup? You’re not alone. No, really, you are not alone if you listen to these excellent country breakup songs. Pick your favorites. Vote them up. Then, grab a nice bottle of something, kick back, and make a playlist to pull you through this rough time. Or, give the playlist to a struggling friend. It will help, seriously.

One caveat: Not all of these country songs about breakup are sweet. The protagonists in these songs sometimes take being dumped very, very badly. There is screaming. There is heavy drinking. And there is property destruction. But who can't relate to that, after a really nasty split with someone you loved (or at least thought you did)? 

On second thought, make two playlists: One for the angry country breakup songs, and one for the more mellow, melancholy tunes. Then, you can simply pick your poison.

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