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Secret Signals That Predict the Future of Your Relationship

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Couples' body language is a quick and fast way to determine if a couple will make it... or break it. Decoding body language takes a lot of research, but there are a ton of signs you can look for. Does the woman let her man hold her purse? That's a good thing - she trusts him! Is he constantly looking at her mouth? According to what body language means, he probably wants to kiss her - or there's something in her teeth. 

After you read through our list of secret signals that predict the future of your relationship, unlocking the secrets of romantic body language is easy - sit back, relax and observe a couple (or your own significant other). 

  • Loving Couples Walk in Sync with Each Other

    Photo: Lynn Friedman / flickr / CC-BY-NC-ND 2.0

    Loving couples walk in step, according to Susan Quilliam, author of Body Language Secrets: Read the Signals and Find Love, Wealth and Happiness. This mirroring shows a physical and mental connection.

  • Eating at Different Paces Shows You're Not on the Same Page

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    If you're eating at different paces - like your husband is halfway through his appetizer when you're already ordering dessert - it may mean you're off when it comes to your synchronicity. Synchronicity is "a mirroring of movements observed in happy couples."

  • Facing Each Other During an Argument Shows Emotional Engagement

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    "When happily married couples fight, they use very different body language from those who are unhappy," explains Susan Quilliam. According to Redbook, "Their torsos are facing each other, and they make frequent eye contact. Their body language says, 'I'm not going to run away just because we're having an argument. We love each other, so let's resolve this now.'"

  • Your Feet Point Towards the Person You're Interested In

    Photo: Stephen McCulloch / Flickr

    It's all about the direction of the feet, according to LonerwolfWhen a man or woman is interested in someone, they point at them with their feet while they are standing, or even sitting. When sitting, you might spot this "pointing" when a person tucks one leg under the other. The tucked under the leg knee usually points in the direction of the person they are attracted to.