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Secret Signals That Predict the Future of Your Relationship

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Couples' body language is a quick and fast way to determine if a couple will make it... or break it. Decoding body language takes a lot of research, but there are a ton of signs you can look for. Does the woman let her man hold her purse? That's a good thing - she trusts him! Is he constantly looking at her mouth? According to what body language means, he probably wants to kiss her - or there's something in her teeth. 

After you read through our list of secret signals that predict the future of your relationship, unlocking the secrets of romantic body language is easy - sit back, relax and observe a couple (or your own significant other). 

  • A Stiff Kiss Shows Reluctance to Engage Physically

    Relax those lips - unless you're avoiding intimacy with your partner. According to Susan Quilliam"Kissing with hard, closed lips communicates tension and avoidance of intimacy." 

  • 'Eyebrow Flashes' Signal Positive Recognition

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    Send those signals! Martin Lloyd-Elliott, author of Secrets of Sexual Body Language, explains that not receiving a smile, glance, or an "eyebrow flash" (which is "a spontaneous signal of positive recognition") from one's significant other can lead a partner to feel bad without even knowing why. A dinner without a little "flashing" is always a bummer. 

  • Sitting at Opposite Ends of a Table Puts You in Competition

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    Unless you have one of those really, really long dining tables, sit next to your partner. According to Julius Fast, author of Body Language, "If you're at opposite ends of a long table, you may be in conflict over who's the boss, if only on a subconscious level."

  • Looking Down Your Nose Indicates Feeling Superior

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    Do you unconsciously look down your nose at your boyfriend or girlfriend? Stella Resnick explains that when you look down your nose at your partner (literally, not figuratively - you tilt your head towards the ground and your eyes follow the trajectory of your nose), it indicates that you think he or she is inferior.