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Couples in Christopher Guest movies are studies in the weird and wacky, and great parody of real life coupledom. The couples from Christopher Guest films are oddly match and a source of some of the best moments in the mockumentarian's films. Cookie and Gerry Fleck in Best in Show made checking into a hotel a hugely comedic moment, and they were one-upped by Scott and Stefan checking into the very same hotel.

Because Guest has been casting the same actors over the years (Eugene Levy, Catherine O’Hara, Michael McKean, Fred Willard, Bob Balaban, Jennifer Coolidge, Parker, Posey, John Michael Higgins, Linda Kash, and Larry Miller), their improv has only improved with time. He’s partnered with Eugene Levy many times to create many storylines and offbeat movie concepts, producing truly unique comedy that is both hilarious and moving. And at the heart of almost every one of these movies is a great couple.

From dog shows to folk groups, Guest and company have managed to capture the quirk that makes couple work. Too lazy to leave each other, too scared to look for another partner, or painfully aware that no one else would probably get them, these Christopher Guest movies couples have their reasons for sticking together.

Which couples from Christopher Guest films are your favorites? Scott and Stefan? Corkie and the imaginary Bonnie? Mitch and Mickey? The Swans and their matching braces? Or how about Sherri Ann and Christy? Upvote your favorite Christopher Guest movies couples and know that there’s kiss at the end of the rainbow, more precious than a pot of gold. 
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Film: Best in Show 
Guest likes to create these kinds of couples where the guy is the timid milquetoast type and the wife has a shady past. Catherine O’Hara and Eugene Levy as Cookie and Gerry Fleck make this work, just as Jane Lynch and John Michael Higgins do in A Mighty Wind. Gerry literally has two left feet and Cookie is a lovemaking legend. Together, Levy and O'Hara have some of the best improv in the whole movie. 
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Film: Best in Show 
Parker Posey and Michael Hitchcock as the braces-wearing, super neurotic DINKS (dual income, no kids) Meg and Hamilton Swan who treat their Weimaraner like a child. More than many other couples in Guest movies, this pair is not far off from people who actually exist. Sometimes the line between mockumentary and documentary is blurred. 
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Film: Best in Show  
John Michael Higgins’s Scott Conlan is the over-the-top half of this couple, with Michael McKean’s more conservative Stefan Vanderhoof playing straight man. What makes these actors so good together is their combined improv comedy experience and time together. Both actors are staples of Christopher Guest films, and as this pair, they find exactly the right characters for their unique chemistry.
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Film: Waiting for Guffman  

Catherine O’Hara and Fred Willard play the husband-and-wife travel agents who won't let a total lack of talent stop them from pursuing their big city dreams. A pair of big fish in a very, very small pond, they are known as the town’s top actors. Their acting methods are right up with there Stanislavski’s. “If there’s an empty space, just fill it with a line, that’s what I like to do. Even if it’s from another show,” Ron advises.

The most significant source of trouble in their marriage appears to have been when Sheila suggested Ron should receive a penis reduction surgery and Allan responded that she was in need of a "vagina enlargement" operation. 
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