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Couples with Names That Go Together Perfectly

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Some people believe that everyone makes their own destiny. Others believe that there is one true love in the world just waiting for them. Whether you're an eternal optimist or card-carrying pessimist, the good news is there's a surefire way to find the person you're meant to be with and it's all about your last name. Find a combination of your last name (which may be a funny name to begin with) and someone else's last name that combine to make a hysterically funny last name. That's exactly what this list of of people with already funny names did. Took their funny names and combined it with someone else's to go down in history with the funniest of all of the funny last names in the history of Earth.
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    Man Oh Man!

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    The Joke Is on You

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    Where They All End Up

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    No Butts About It

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