TMI Facts About Courtney Love's Sex Life

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Smeared lipstick, heavy eyeliner, messy hair wrapped around a princess tiara: it's an image that will likely follow Courtney Love for the rest of her life. The singer made her mark on the '90s grunge scene with her band Hole, but Love will probably be remembered most for her whirlwind and tumultuous romance with Nirvana's late frontman Kurt Cobain. If you're looking for Courtney Love NSFW facts, you've come to the right place.

When Courtney Love married Kurt Cobain, she was immediately hated by the industry and fans alike, forever labeled the Yoko Ono of the grunge era. Along with her outspoken attitude and inability to bite her tongue, Love has become infamous for being rock n' roll's biggest hot mess. Although Love has unjustly been criticized and bullied for her appearance, struggle with addiction, and denouncement of ladylike stereotypes, she has also brought a lot of media attention upon herself.

The former Hole singer is notorious for her soundbites on all things sex, drugs, and rock n' roll. Never too shy to spill all her raunchy sexcapades with some of MTV's hottest rock n' rollers, Love has made a name for herself as one of music's horniest women. Prompted or unprompted, Courtney Love will dish on anything and everything sex and dating. 

From her married sex life to her one night stands with guys (and sometimes girls), Love will own up to any lover she's had the pleasure of doing business with (no matter how embarrassing). Whether they would like her to or not, Love has no problem exposing all the NSFW things she's done in the bedroom with some of music's most elite power players. But most all, she often reminisces about her love life with Kurt Cobain.

Love and Cobain struggled together, but one thing they never had an issue with was sex. Love even asserts their daughter, Frances Bean Cobain, was conceived on only their second night post-coital. Whether you're curious about the punk rocker's salacious lifestyle, or whether you just need a recap of all the insane things she's said and done, these are Love's dirtiest revelations. Vote up the ones that shocked you, even though you didn't think anything concerning Love could shock you anymore.