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The Best Cowboy Jokes

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Well howdy pardners, we hope ya’ll are havin’ a rip roarin’ time out there on the range. But if you find yourself gettin’ lonesome, give yourself a read of this list of the funniest cowboy jokes and you’ll never be a lonesome dove again. On this big belt buckled list there are jokes about all the cowboy favorites: horses, cows, boots, and hay. No cowboy themed stone was left unturned. So if you’re ready for some good ol’ fashioned cowboy fun, pull up a barstool,and order a shot o’ sarsaparilla ‘cause you’ll want to hear the funny cowboy jokes and cowboy puns on this list.

In the time of cowboys and trotting around on the range, it wasn’t out of the ordinary to find a group of cowboys congregating around the campfire telling stories and jokes to pass the time. They’d tell jokes about whiskey, jokes about horses, and jokes about life. If you’re feeling sassy, go pick up a pair of new cowboy boots, get yourself a ten gallon hat, and try out some of these cowboy jokes on your new friends down at the saloon. You’re sure to be a hit (as long as you’re not a poker cheat). So lasso yourself up to your computer and enjoy this list of the funniest jokes about cowboys.

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