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Looking for some great 'Cowboys and Aliens' movie quotes? We've got 'em. 'Cowboys and Aliens' is filled with great quips about...well...cowboys. And aliens. What more could we possibly want? The 2011 action sci-fi movie, directed by Jon Favreau, stars Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford and Olivia Wilde. Great cast, great idea (aliens invading a Western town, epic!) and great quotes. Don't see your fave 'Cowboys & Aliens' quote listed? Feel free to add it to the list!

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You Owe Me

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Colonel Dolarhyde: "You, you're going with us. You're gonna use that weapon - it's the only thing that counts. I figure you owe me."
Jake Lonergan: "I don't see it that way."

After an alien escapes, the men realize they've got to find it - and fast. Colonel Dolarhyde knows that arm cuff Lonergan's wearing may be their only hope.
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What the H*ll?!

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Colonel Dolarhyde: "What the hell..."

Yes, what the hell indeed. Colonel Woodrow Dolarhyde (Harrison Ford) can't believe his eyes when the aliens first attack his small town of Absolution.
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Need to Know

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Ella: "I need to know where you came from."
Jake Lonergan: "So do I."

The chemistry between Jake and Ella (Olivia Wilde) is obvious from the start. Ella tries hard to help Jake figure out who he is and why he's in Absolution.
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I Want That Man

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Colonel Dolarhyde: "I want that man. You give him to me now, or I'm gonna take him."

Colonel Dolarhyde definitely wants Jake. Now. Though he soon learns he NEEDS him. These two are going to have to work together if they want to survive.