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15 Exasperated Employees Share Their Best Coworker Revenge Stories

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Some of us with terrible jobs and even worse coworkers might have dreamed of one day executing the perfect instance of workplace revenge, but these people actually did it! So if you've ever wondered how to get revenge on an annoying coworker, or even if you just want to live vicariously through these wild workplace vigilantes, read on to discover stories of petty plots, righteous retaliation, and other methods of sweet, sweet revenge - and don't forget to vote up your favorites!

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    Game Over

    Posted by u/Rasalom:

    A lady on our team never did any work... She just played solitaire. Eventually, it got to the point where we were uninstalling the games from her computer accounts via the local admin accounts.

    One day, I noticed she STILL had a game on her PC, even after we removed the default ones. So when she left the office and left her PC logged in, I got on it and found the game shortcut on her desktop. Then I changed everything so that when she clicked on the shortcut, it would open the Wikipedia page on work ethic instead of the game.

    She doesn't play games in the office anymore.

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    Well, You Can Tell By The Way I Use My Walk...

    Posted by u/Gaggamaggot:

    [Coworker] never shuts up, likes to one-up people, is loud, gets upset very easily, and likes to pull rank on people when he has none...

    So, at 7:00 am PST this morning, I placed a small Bluetooth speaker in the HVAC duct above his head and have been playing "Stayin' Alive" by the Bee Gees on repeat since then. It's only barely audible, and only he can hear it. So far, this is his discovery:

    7:30 am: I noticed him stop, look around, close his eyes, and seemingly try to listen for something. He shook it off and continued talking.

    8:15 am: He mentioned a car driving by playing some music that sounded familiar. No car had passed.

    8:45 am: Started humming the song after I had turned it down.

    9:30 am: Asked what music I was playing on my computer. Came over, searched, found nothing. Looked at other coworker, who just shrugged. Went back to talking.

    10:00 am: I turned up the music when he was around the corner. He came running back, I turned it down. He asked a customer, "Did you hear that?" Customer said, "Hear what?" He shook his head and ignored it...

    3:02 pm: He broke down and confronted us. Shouting sh*t like, "I know you're doing this," etc, etc. But he has no proof. He's now just sitting outside smoking and pouting...

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    Extra Credit

    Posted by u/Dsx-Kalista:

    When I worked at a pizza place, we had to do boxes. They came as a stack of flat cardboard with the creases and perforations, and we had to fold them up and have them ready. Everyone was responsible for doing this. If you didn’t have anything to do, you folded boxes.

    One of my coworkers hated doing them and would constantly wait around while someone else folded boxes, then “deliver them to the front,” AKA take credit for them. Another coworker got petty and started intentionally denting the boxes so they looked crushed. That way when lazy*ss took them up front, the boss would yell at him for f*cking up the boxes. It was fun to watch.

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    Keyboard Warrior

    Posted by u/OppositeOfOxymoron:

    The guy beside me at work used to tease me about random stuff, so I grabbed a spare keyboard and plugged it into his PC, which was easy to obscure since his desk was a jumble of wires.

    Throughout the day, I would hold down the shift key while he was typing. It was especially effective when he was trying to type his password, as he couldn't see that I was messing it up. I'd lock his PC when he turned around to talk to coworkers. Every time he'd leave his PC, I'd turn on the Caps Lock key. When I saw that his email client was open and he wasn't looking, I'd open a new email message. He'd mumble, "Sh*t. Who was I writing to?"

    On the day I got busted, he unplugged all the USB cables, found the extra cable, and yanked it. The keyboard it was attached to flew across my desk and slammed into a bookshelf, and I started laughing hysterically...

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