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15 Exasperated Employees Share Their Best Coworker Revenge Stories

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Some of us with terrible jobs and even worse coworkers might have dreamed of one day executing the perfect instance of workplace revenge, but these people actually did it! So if you've ever wondered how to get revenge on an annoying coworker, or even if you just want to live vicariously through these wild workplace vigilantes, read on to discover stories of petty plots, righteous retaliation, and other methods of sweet, sweet revenge - and don't forget to vote up your favorites!

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    Bad Move, Bob

    Posted by u/XvFoxbladevX:

    I work running a machine for a company that puts out product for customers.

    We have a new hire, who we'll call Bob... In order to help Bob, I run the more difficult product while the supervisor continues to train Bob. I do this so he can concentrate on learning the new stuff and just run all the easy product. But Bob starts to get very arrogant. Bob starts talking sh*t about how high his numbers are compared to everyone else's. Bob starts leaving snide notes like, "I ran 30,000 pieces on this machine, you should have no problems reaching the same numbers."

    Bad move, Bob.

    So I decided to run all of the easy product that night. I run 78,000 pieces and leave Bob with all of the difficult products to run. I leave Bob a note that reads, "Ran almost 80K product, you should be able to run at least that much tomorrow."

    I come in the next day, and Bob didn't leave a note. I check his log, he only managed to run 18K pieces of product.... Have not seen a note from Bob since. Worth it.

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    Special Delivery

    Posted by u/crabshack4:

    I work construction and have a second job delivering pizzas. I knew this coworker from the construction job... He was the kind of guy that would watch you make a mistake, then berate you, and call you an idiot for that mistake. Not a nice guy by any right.

    Another thing he loved to do was brag about how doting his wife was, how hot his girlfriend was, and how much they sacked when his wife thought he was working overtime. Well, one day, I got a delivery with a familiar name. I arrived at the house, knocked, and he opened the door. He looked quite surprised, “Hey, I didn’t know you delivered pizzas!” “Yeah, when work gets slow. Anyway, that’ll be $15.”

    He hands me $16 and looks kinda smug about it. I take the cash, and am about to turn around when I say, just loud enough for anyone inside to hear, “Hey, is this your girlfriend’s house, or you and your wife’s place?”

    The color drained from his face, and he handed me an extra $20.

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    Posted by u/jamesjaceable:

    So, I like to bring my own food into the office. We have a share fridge, and I have my food in tubs with my name on them. A coworker would sometimes "not see" the names on the food and think it was theirs, so they would heat it up, eat it, then apologize. Last month, I had enough... I ordered a bag of ghost peppers and put the full bag into a big pot of chili that would last for several days...

    Midweek, my lunch went missing, and I was waiting for the person who took it to get a shock when they ate it. In reality what happened was someone got sent home sick, the next day they were off, and I was told they went to the doctors for stomach pains… My manager agreed it was on the person who took my lunch without knowing how spicy it was, and I should not be held liable if they eat something of someone else's that doesn't agree with them.

    They were fired the next day for "theft of property," and told they would not be given a reference.

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    Mommy Issues

    Posted by u/JCurry2:

    I had a picture of my mom and me on my desktop. This guy, Pat, kept commenting on how hot my mom was (he was about the same age as her)... He did this for about a month, so I asked another guy at work what Pat's daughter's name was (she is around the same age as me), found her on Facebook, and asked her if she would help play a prank on her dad. I then went out on a "date" with his daughter, took a picture of the two of us drinking out of the same drink with two straws, and proceeded to put it in a heart-shaped frame on my desk. Finally, I got another manager to tell Pat that I had gotten a new girl and was head over heels for her.

    He came straight to my office. I didn't say a word, and all I heard from behind me was, "What are you doing with my daughter?!" To this day, he hasn't asked when my mom is calling next!

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