All of Crackle's Original Shows, Ranked

While you may have Netflix and Hulu to check out all your favorite shows, the Sony Crackle streaming service offers a wide range of TV shows and movies much like its competitors. And, just like its competitors, Sony Crackle also offers its own original content. The original Crackle shows span a variety of genres, from animated comedies to crime dramas. In short, it's a great streaming service to check out if you're looking for new content other than what Netflix and Hulu have to offer. 

If you're unfamiliar with the service and all the Crackle originals, you can find them all listed below, ranked from best to worst by fellow TV fans and binge watchers. Whether you're looking for something light hearted and funny, such as Issues, or a more action-packed series like CH:OS:EN, Sony Crackle's original shows really offer something for everyone. For those of you who are well aware of Crackle and its great shows, be sure to vote up your favorites from the list.

Check out the list of Crackle original shows below and cast a vote for the shows you like most, while voting others down accordingly. Again, if you haven't given Sony Crackle a try, use this list of original shows to discover new options and see what you should watch next.

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  • StartUp
    An FBI agent targets those responsible for the emergence of digital currency called GenCoin.
  • Members of elite gangs do whatever is necessary to protect one another from enemies.
  • An illegal game is held once a year in an exclusive casino for the rich and powerful.
  • Sequestered is a 2014 American web television series created by Aaron Tracy, which aired on Crackle. Twelve jurors are confined to a hotel while a young attorney races to uncover a conspiracy.
  • A motley band of super heroes struggles to remain relevant in a world laden with caped guys.
  • Chosen (Crackle, 2013) is an American action-thriller television series/web series created by Ben Ketai and Ryan Lewis. Ian Mitchell (Milo Ventimiglia) is a lawyer and father who one day receives a ...more
  • Snatch
    Snatch (Crackle, 2017) is a British/American television series based on the film of the same name. A group of up-and-coming hustlers who stumble upon a truck-load of stolen gold bullion are suddenly ...more
  • Jerry Seinfeld is joined by well-known comedians for a cup of coffee and a ride in a classic car.
  • Trenches was an American science fiction web series directed and produced by Shane Felux, creator of Star Wars: Revelations. The show premiered on Sony Pictures Entertainment owned Crackle on ...more
  • Playing with Power: The Nintendo Story (Crackle, 2021) is an American documentary series created by Jeremy Snead. Narrated by Sean Astin, the five-part series tells the sprawling story of Nintendo, ...more
  • Angel of Death is a web series of eight to ten minute episodes created by Ed Brubaker. The series stars Zoë Bell as Eve, an assassin taking revenge on her former employers, and costars Lucy Lawless. ...more
  • Six men in West Hollywood navigate the relationships and drama in their lives.
  • Examining the unknown, shocking, and frequently irreverent history of everyday items.
  • Issues
    Issues (Crackle, 2011) is an American animated comedy series created by Josh Cooke and Matt Oates. Dr. Ted, a disgruntled psychologist, must deal with the bizarre neuroses and psychoses of his unique ...more
  • Cleaners
    Cleaners (Crackle, 2013) is an American action web television series directed by Paul Leyden, and created by Paul Leyden and Morgan O'Neill. Two contract killers (Emmanuelle Chriqui and Emily Osment) ...more
  • Hook'd
    Hook'd (Crackle, 2018) is a four-part docuseries that takes a look into the personal and competitive life of "Dragon Ball FighterZ" rising star HookGangGod.
  • Inside the Black Box (Crackle, 2022) is an American talk and interview television series. The performing arts series shares performances, workshops, and discussions about the role race plays in the ...more
  • The New York auction scene is fraught with cutthroat power grabs, greed and desperation.
  • Jailbait is an American improvised comedy web series starring John Lehr as Oswald "Ozzie" O'Connor, a guy who accidentally buys drugs in a sting operation and is sent to prison. Ten episodes ...more
  • Star-ving is a web series of episodes running eight to ten minutes, based very loosely on the life of David Faustino from Married... with Children. His co-star is Corin Nemec, who played the title ...more
  • Rob Riggle invests his money and reputation into an academy for personal watercraft riding.
  • Rog & Davo’s Guide to Russia

    Rog & Davo’s Guide to Russia

  • From the Basement (Crackle, 2006) is a web television series created by music producer Nigel Godrich and producer Dilly Gent. It features live music performances without a host or audience, drawing ...more
  • Going From Broke (Crackle, 2019) is an American financial reality show produced by Ashton Kutcher. Hosted by Dan Rosensweig, the CEO of Chegg, he and his team meets millennials with big dreams but ...more
  • The Ropes (Crackle, 2012) is an American drama web television series created by Vin Diesel. The series takes an an inside look into the hilarious, yet explosive world of nightclub bouncing.