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Craigslist Continues to Be a Source of Violent Crimes  

Jacob Shelton
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In the year 2000, Craigslist expanded from being a San Francisco based online want ad, to being a worldwide web portal for cheap items, housing, and darkness. It’s safe to say that 99% of all Craigslist meet ups (be they elicit, or not) are totally safe. No one gets hurt, and everybody gets what they want. But that one percent? It’s terrifying.

Almost every year you hear about a new Craigslist killer some kind of Craigslist violence. It happens so often now that even Lifetime made a movie of the week based on the real life story of Philip Markoff, a Boston Medical student who brutally murdered a woman he met on Craigslist. After reading the following stories of Craigslist transactions that led to violence, you might begin to ask yourself, is Craigslist safe? And honestly, that’s up to you decide.

According to Craigslist crime statistics, the website is linked to at least 330 crimes a year. When you think about how many Craigslist transactions happen all over the country every year, that’s a tiny percentage. But, when most of the Craigslist crimes are violent offenses you should at least think twice about answering a Craigslist ad. Police have been working on a way to deter violent criminals from using the site by suggesting that people doing Craigslist deals should just meet in the closest police station parking lot they can find. While that suggestion might seem like a finger plugging a dam, and a bit churlish, it is good advice.

After you read these stories of Craigslist encounters that went wrong, leave a comment with your crazy Craigslist story – everybody has one.
Man Shoots, Kills Thief Who Targeted Him on Craigslist
A Colorado man got the last laugh in 2016 when two thieves posed as interested Craigslist buyers and tried rob him in his home. According to officers, two men overpowered the Craigslist poster and forced their way into his home. One of the thieves stole his car, but the homeowner managed to grab his gun and shoot the other suspect, killing him.
Michigan Man Attacked After Responding to Fake Craigslist Ad
When a father and son responded to an ad to buy a car in Battle Creek, MI, the last thing they expected was to be attacked by three men - but that's exactly what happened. Luckily, the father was packing heat and was able to defend himself before the men ran away.
Baseball Star Sexually Assaults Craigslist Workers
In 2012, baseball legend Lenny Dykstra was arrested for sexually assaulting women whom he hired off Craigslist to clean his house. The LA city attorney explained further, saying "When the victims arrived at the locations to meet Defendant Dykstra, he would allegedly inform the women that the job also required them to give a massage and would expose himself to them. During one incident in July 2010, Defendant Dyskstra held a knife and forced the victim to massage his body."
Husband and Wife Team Murder an Eager Craigslist Buyer

In November 2013, Miranda Barbour (19), posted a Craigslist ad offering female companionship. Troy LaFerrara responded and the two met in a parking lot.

Then, Miranda drove LaFerrara to Sunbury, PA, where she repeatedly stabbed him. Meanwhile her husband, Elytte (22), had been hiding under a blanket on the backseat floor of the car. After the stabbing, Elytte restrained LaFerrara with a piece of cable around his neck.

Allegedly, the couple was into all kinds of satanic rituals, with Miranda even claiming that she killed had at least 22 other people over the course six years - the spree motivated by her satanic cult beliefs.