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The Craziest Craigslist Encounters That Somehow Didn't Involve Sex

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Meeting people on the Internet is a dangerous game. Sure, plenty of folks are nice and normal. But there are also a whole bunch of looney tunes out there, as evidenced by the list below of some of weird Craigslist encounters. These are the craziest Craigslist stories the web's got to offer - everything from stolen video games to dirty undies to a couch stuffed with hidden treasure.

Next time you need a little extra cash, think twice and remember - you might end up in one of the weirdest Craigslist stories yourself.

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    Unfortunately, the Stove Is No Longer Available, but Would You Take a Robbery Instead?

    "I was going to buy a stove. Found one on Craigslist. Priced great. Picture looked awesome. Emailed to ask model number and age. [A] woman named 'Tiffany' replied and said it was a year old, didn't give me a model number. Said call for address.

    I call for the address. It's a very foreign sounding dude, he gives me an address. [It's] in a shady part of town. The ad had listed a different area, and the picture is clearly not from a house in that area. I am now curious. No model number, 'Tiffany' is really a foreign dude, ad lists location that is different than the address he gives me.

    I eventually find the picture - it's a stock image from Amazon. Decided not to go see the stove."

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    Money for Insults

    "[I] found an ad looking for, in a nutshell, 'compensated verbal abuse.' I answered with caution/interest and that's exactly what it turned out to be. No sex, we've never met and it's not even too creepy anymore. I message this gentleman once or twice a week, insult him exquisitely, and demand he buy me this or that thing and send a link. I set up a PO box and my choice of clothes/shoes/perfume/makeup/lingerie/whatever (within reason) shows up."

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    Obama Benefits Off Bunk TV

    Photo: Phil Roeder / flickr / CC-BY 2.0

    "A few years ago I found a 13-inch television with built-in VCR at my parents house. I used it for a couple months, but then when I decided to downsize, I put the TV on Craigslist. I offer it for $20, then $10 when I got no bites after a couple days. Just when I was about to take the thing to Goodwill, I get an eager email from a guy who wants it from the next state over. He says he'll come right down to pick it up. I didn't want a stranger in my home, so I told him we'd meet in the parking lot of my job the next day. I also continue to tell him my little knowledge of the TV and that it may not be worth the hassle of coming nearly an hour for an old TV in questionable condition. He insists that it's worth it.

    Next day, he comes and eagerly gives me the $10 and takes the TV. I felt a little bad he'd come this way for such a small amount of money, but he agreed to it so I went on with my day. Later that evening, I have a scathing email. Something along the lines of, 'You b****! You're the worst kind of person! It's people like you that give sales on Craigslist a bad name! You scammed me out of my money and I really hope you needed it because you truly got over on me! That VCR ruined two tapes of my favorite shows! They were irreplaceable! You're a dirty liar!'

    I was blown away! I apologized, but also reminded him that I told him over and over that the TV was old. I didn't truly know what condition it was in other than my one night with it. I offered to mail him the $10 because seriously... it's $10. He emails me back like a completely different person. So sweet and sensitive telling me that he still didn't feel comfortable giving me his address (though I'm the one who suggested we meet at my job) so just donate the money to the Obama campaign. I did, but what the heck?"

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    God Save the Queen

    Photo: stux / Pixabay / CC0 1.0

    "My friend was moving away from San Francisco and needed some money so was trying to sell off some things he didn't want anymore. He put a rug up on Craigslist (which was a shame, it really tied the room together). He had no interest in it for a week or so, until the day before he was moving away.

    So he agrees with this guy to meet on his street to do the deal that evening. The guy turns up. My friend is in a rush to get out and meet his friends so makes it short but sweet, takes the cash from the guy, loads the rug into the guy's car, and goes on his way.

    Later on, my friend gets a text from the guy. Fairly normal stuff: 'Thanks for the rug, fits perfectly in my lounge.' My friend thinks nothing of it: 'No problem, just wanted to get rid of it!' But then he gets another reply from the guy: 'So where are you from, England?' My friend replies, hesitantly but ends up 'chatting' with this guy in texts, trying to throw the guy off but not wanting to be rude. A little while later, the texts get weird. The guy is going on about how he loves English people but he hates the monarchy, things like 'Yeah, I hate the Royals. F*** the queen, that posh old s***.' And later: 'Listen, when you get back, give that old b**** a slap from me, eh?'

    At this point, my friend decides to stop texting the guy all together. The next morning, he gets a text from the guy: 'Hey man, sorry about that. Didn't mean to offend you. Good night?' Needless to say, my friend didn't reply and barred the guy's number."

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