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The Craziest Craigslist Encounters That Somehow Didn't Involve Sex

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Meeting people on the Internet is a dangerous game. Sure, plenty of folks are nice and normal. But there are also a whole bunch of looney tunes out there, as evidenced by the list below of some of weird Craigslist encounters. These are the craziest Craigslist stories the web's got to offer - everything from stolen video games to dirty undies to a couch stuffed with hidden treasure.

Next time you need a little extra cash, think twice and remember - you might end up in one of the weirdest Craigslist stories yourself.

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    Exercise Bike Does Not Come with Socks

    Photo: Russ Morris / via Flickr / CC BY NC-ND 2.0

    "Put a barely used, fairly decent exercise bike in the "For Free" section as I was moving and didn't want to deal with actually selling or moving it. This is in Los Angeles by the way.

    I get 63 e-mails in the first 10 minutes. First come first serve. The guy and I e-mail back and forth and agree on a time later that evening.

    At 7 p.m. sharp this very small Filipino gentleman shows up. I let him up and show him the bike. He asks if I have the AC adapter for it. I go looking for it. It takes me about five minutes to rummage through a box and find it. When I came back out, he was going through my dirty laundry hamper and pulling out my dirty boxers and socks and setting them aside. I asked him what the hell he was doing. He asked if he could buy what he had set aside. Offered $20. With an overly perplexed look on my face, I blurted out something like "wha.... no... just... take the bike..." He didn't say anything. He just hurried out the door and left the bike."

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    Sneezes for Cash

    Photo: namaste04 / flickr / CC-BY-NC 2.0

    "My girlfriend and I got paid to sneeze on command. No, it wasn't a weird sex thing. We were desperate for cash. Some guy filmed us sneezing, which we did by snorting lines of pepper. Maybe it was a weird sex thing."

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    An Elderly Cat Lady, Her Dead Husband, and a Mysterious Job Posting

    "I responded to an ad for a typist job. The woman who posted it was elderly and lived on a ranch her husband had left her after passing. Only there were no ranch animals, only cats. See, after inheriting the ranch she turned it into a cat sanctuary filled with over 100 cats throughout. She fed them out of barrels with bowls underneath, and whoever was chosen for the position would also be responsible for lifting 50-lb bags of cat food and hauling them to the barrels.

    As for the actual job, I would be responsible for typing from dictation, in spontaneous bursts. What I would be typing would be conversations the woman was having... with her deceased husband, whose spirit she channeled. The result was to become a book entitled 'Conversations with Jack.' She also didn't know much about writing/editing, so I would be responsible for putting the conversations together into a readable narrative (writing and editing an entire book).

    The reason, she explained to me, that she needed to write this book in the first place was she had run out of money since spending it all on cat food. She wouldn't be able to pay me until the book was published, but I would get editor credit and eventually royalties.

    I actually decided I wanted the job because it was so batsh*t insane that I could write my own book/blog about the experience. Unfortunately, I was passed over in favor of someone with an English degree and 10 years of professional typist experience."

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    Sandwich Prank Goes Right

    "My friend and I jokingly posted an ad on Craigslist looking for 'A man to be filmed eating a sandwich.' Compensation was 'Sandwich, and secret contents envelope.' We got, like, twelve responses with resumes and stuff, then chose one guy who was young and rather nerdy looking. He showed up, we filmed him eating a sandwich, made him act all enthusiastic and pretend to be a squirrel, then we sent him off with the envelope, which contained a balloon, some candy, a joint, and a magnum condom. I think he got a fair deal."

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