20 Terrifying Crash Diet Horror Stories

In the quest to be thin, women (and men) will do anything to achieve their goals. Often this means turning to "fad diets" or "crash diets" that insist you'll be thin in no time! As long as you only eat grapefruit juice or guzzle their brand of low-calorie shake. It's maddening! But it's also extremely dangerous.

Our list covers some of the worst weight loss horror stories caused by crash dieting. From embarrassing but less intense problems like uncontrollable diarrhea, to programs and pills that sent dieters to the psych ward, these crash diet horror stories will make you think twice about popping that weight loss supplement. And that's not even the scariest outcome. Some people died from their diets!

Let's just say that diet pills, or any pills that promise rapid weight loss, are bad news. And any diet that requires you to restrict your caloric intake to under 500 calories is probably not one you want to do - even if you do have fit into your wedding dress or prom dress in two weeks. After reading these stories you'll think twice about the Master Cleanse, the Grapefruit diet, and just about every other diet pill that's being sold. 

Another lesson learned: if you start to feel dizzy, nauseous, or happen to pass out while at work, chances are the diet you're doing is not healthy. And of course, you'll want to consult a doctor before making any crazy changes to your diet. Bottom line: diet and exercise are still the way to go. We know it sucks!

Check out this list of the worst things that can go wrong on a crash diet, and let us know which horror stories will keep you away from dieting forever!