The Craziest Airline Fees

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When searching the top online travel sources for saving money, most travelers concentrate on the base fare of the ticket when choosing a flight deal. In recent years, the moderately low increase in base fare combined with the almost tripled price for fuel has left many travel industry giants scrambling to find a way to fill seats without assaulting profit margins. Their answer: ridiculous airline fees. 

With so many unnecessary rules and ridiculous fees for flying, more and more large airlines are finding themselves among the ranks of companies with awful customer service for the refusal to waive flight charges or disclose hidden fees when flying. Among the more ridiculous fees charged by airlines are added costs to check bags, charges for unaccompanied minors, and huge costs for taking a pet on board. Some fees can often be avoided by making different arrangements (while others are actually being offered as services to benefit fliers), there are other hidden airline charges like fees for carry on luggage, charges for in-flight entertainment, and even a fee to use the toilet on shorter flights. These stupid airline fees are what make flying nearly unbearable.

What are the craziest airline fees? What are the hidden costs of traveling? What are the dumbest airline fees? Some travelers have come to accept costs for checking baggage and paying for a meal on board, but there are plenty of other ridiculous airline fees that can be avoided (and should never be charged, for that matter). Take a minute to upvote the worst airline fees here on this list of weirdest airline fees so you and other fliers can get the word to airlines that these crazy fees to fly are just too much.
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    Carry-On Bags

    Some airlines, like Spirit, charge up to $80 for a carry-on bag
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    Use Credit Card for Booking

    Many airlines will charge a flat fee or percentage of the ticket cost to use a credit card for purchase
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    Use the Toilet

    RyanAir is moving forward with plans to charge up to $1.70 to use the bathroom on flights less than an hour long
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    Priority Boarding

    Southwest charges $40 to cut to the front of the line when boarding
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    Alcoholic Beverages

    Even on international flights, many airlines (like American) will only offer beer & wine free of charge (if at all)
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    Checked Baggage

    Standard size baggage can run you up to $50 each way on the likes of Allegiant Air