The 10 Craziest Anime Moments of 2018

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Now that the year is winding to a close, lets take a look back at some of the craziest anime moments from 2018. These are the moments that viewers will remember long after they've forgotten the original story, the scenes that shocked and amazed them the first time they came on screen. Everyone has their own personal favorites, but 2018 had some seriously epic scenes that are worth mentioning.

Standouts include All Might's showdown against his rival All For One in My Hero Academia, Levi's fight against Kenny in Attack on Titan, and Frieza and Goku's unexpected team-up against Jiren in Dragon Ball Super. All of these fights featured high stakes and breathtaking animation, and moved their respective plots forward. 

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  • My Hero Academia is renowned for its incredible fight scenes, but one of its absolute best ones was the showdown between All Might and his arch rival, All For One. It's a desperate struggle for supremacy that's broadcast to nearly the entire population. All Might is barely holding on while All For One is gleefully monologueing about his superiority. All Might manages to defeat him, but not without using the last ounce of his strength, and revealing his weakened form to everyone watching on television. The moment where he tells Izuku that he's next - meaning, he'll have to take on the legacy All Might is leaving behind - it is chilling in the best possible way. 

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  • Levi Takes On Kenny In 'Attack On Titan'
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    Just when you thought Attack on Titan couldn't get any more epic, it hits you with the battle between Levi and Kenny. With its incredible animation, heart-pounding pace, and high stakes, this fight proves that Attack on Titan is just as good - if not better - at pitting humans against one another than it is at human-on-Titan battles. It's hard to say what the best part is - is it the gorgeously rendered mid-air attacks? The heavy losses suffered on both sides that will shock viewers to their core? This is one of the most epic fight scenes Attack on Titan has ever produced, and considering its usual quality, that's saying something.

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  • Ten years ago, if you asked an average Dragon Ball fan if there was any chance that Goku and Frieza would ever team up, they would have laughed in your face. But when the two enemies find themselves competing in the Tournament of Power, they end up joining forces to defeat Jiren, a formidable opponent that neither can take on alone. Why would two such staunch enemies agree to join forces? Goku is a good-hearted person who believes in giving people second chances - that's how he managed to become friends with both Vegeta and Piccolo in spite of their former conflicts. As for Frieza, he happens to not be alive at the moment, and if he helps Goku he has a chance of being wished back via Dragon Ball.

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    Ainz Ooal Gown Enjoys A Royal Procession In 'Overlord 2'

    Ainz Ooal Gown Enjoys A Royal Procession In 'Overlord 2'
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    This epic scene isn't a battle - rather, it's an entrance. The dark guild Ainz Ooal Gown has ultimate authority in the virtual reality game that Momonga has found himself living in. In one of the most memorable scenes in the series, the guild conducts a royal procession that leaves the other inhabitants of their world gaping in awe. Some even bow down and let the guild members use their bodies as steps onto a platform. This dramatic scene gives viewers a solid understanding of exactly how powerful and influential this guild has become, and how much Momonga has achieved since he refused to log out of the game.

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    Goblin Slayer Takes Out Goblins En Masse In 'Goblin Slayer'

    Goblin Slayer Takes Out Goblins En Masse In 'Goblin Slayer'
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    One of the coolest things about Goblin Slayer is watching the protagonist and his priestess partner actually take out goblins. These creatures are violent, dangerous beasts who are almost impossible to sympathize with, since they do things like destroy entire villages worth of people. In a particularly epic battle scene, Goblin Slayer and Onna Shinkan defeat a horde of goblins with a combination of bows and arrows to the face, magical blessings, and fire. 

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  • Hiro & Zero Two Pilot A Mecha In 'DARLING In The FRANXX'
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    Darling in the Franxx have proven to be somewhat hit-or-miss in terms of overall quality, but you wouldn't know that based on the first episode alone. The first episode contains one of the most epic scenes from the Winter 2018 anime season. Hiro is about to fail out of his training to pilot a FRANXX mecha, but when he meets a mysterious girl named Zero Two, he ends up helping her pilot a FRANXX in an all-out battle against the Klaxosaur enemy. Not only is the fight itself visually spectacular, it's emotionally fulfilling too. Watching Hiro not only get another chance to prove his worth, but get kissed by his new partner, gets viewers pumped to push on to the next episode.

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