18 Of The Funniest April Fools Day Jokes People Have Ever Done

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Whether you're a prankster or not you might want to take note for next April Fools Day. These mostly harmless yet hilarious pranks will leave you a legend for years to come!  

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    Boyfriend Uses Food Dye To Color Eggs Green

    From Redditor u/not_another_drummer:


    One year I mixed green food coloring into the scrambled eggs and served up green eggs and ham. My girlfriend thought it was disgusting and wouldn't eat them. They tasted fine, honest.

    The next year I separated the yolks from the whites and only put the coloring in the whites. Green eggs with yellow yolks and ham. She wouldn't eat them. And, insisted that I was no longer allowed to make eggs on April 1.

    On March 31 the next year, I very carefully used a hypodermic needle to inject green food coloring into the yolks of the eggs left in the container and put them back into the fridge. On the following morning I kissed her and rolled over while she went down to make breakfast.

    I think my parents, living a few towns away, heard her scream when she cracked green eggs into the frying pan. I miss her, she was a good girlfriend.

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    Replaced Boss's Office With A Patient's Room

    From Redditor u/_xXmyusernameXx_:

    Used to work in a nursing home. One year we took all of the furniture out of the administrators office, and made it look like a patients room. I'm talking bed, dresser, tv, medical equipment, the works, all along with a patient who was in on it in the bed. When he came in the next morning he just about died laughing. One of my better memories from working in that sh*t hole

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    Fake Desktop Background

    From Redditor u/JK_NC


    One year a co-worker left his desk and neglected to lock his computer. I took a screenshot of his desktop, moved all his folders from his desktop and replaced his background to the screenshot of his desktop I took earlier.

    He came back and was confused why none of his folders, shortcuts or files on his desktop were working.

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    Alarms Going Off Every 30 Seconds In Car

    From Redditor u/JustAFieryLizard:


    I put battery powered alarms in a coworkers work van. I had some them set to go off halfway through his 30 minute commute to the job site.

    He calls me that morning to yell at me, “haha, very funny a**hole!”

    Then he calls me again on his way home, “nice, so you put two in here. I’m going to kill you.”

    Next morning I get another phone call, “okay, where did you hide the third alarm? I swear next time I see you I’m going to punch you”

    That afternoon, “I swear to god! How many alarms are there in my van?!”

    It took him over 2 weeks to find the last one, because they stopped going off after 30 seconds. He sent me pictures of them smashed to pieces, then when he found the 5th and final one he threw it at me.

    I promptly hid it in his van again.

    Edit: two were in plain sight, two were hidden in separate boxes of material, and the fifth was inside the door frame


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    Ketchup On The Toilet Seat

    From Redditor u/spamulah


    not too bad but funny. my 10 yr old daughter taped ketchup packets under the toilet seat so that when i sat down to pee in the morning all this red bllloooooddddd squirted into the toilet water. She Got Me! thats for sure

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    Grand Daughter Keeps Getting Texts About Llamas

    From Redditor u/Marvinator2003


    I pulled off one of the greatest pranks ever about 5 years ago.

    My granddaughter, then about 14 or 15, had this thing for Llamas. I mean she had a THING. So I decided that it would be funny to get everyone I knew to text her April Fools day and ask simply, "Do you still have the Llama for sale?' regardless of what she responded IF she responded, they were to reiterate again "Do you still have the Llama for sale?'

    I carefully chose people I knew that were trustworthy and NOT in my area code. I had my brothers, sisters and friends from as far as California, Colorado, Oregon, Florida as well as friends from Canada and Mexico. I even got my cousin who lives in Japan to text her in Japanese and the friend in Canada texted using French! My rules were simple and the time frame was set to end at noon in her time zone (Central US) I was on the road to go visit the family and didn't realize that she was spending the night at her DAD's. Sunday morning, she wasn't around but everyone let me know they sent their texts.

    She came into her Mom's house (where I was) about 5 in the afternoon and I asked her "Let me ask you something. Do you or do you not have the Llama for sale?" The look in her eyes told me it went over well! She even had tears at the corners of her eyes as the emotions swirled about in her. She said she was totally blown away and couldn't get anyone to tell her where they saw the ad, or anything. Her Dad was almost angry at her for something he had no idea about.

    We still laugh at it today, one of my best.

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