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The Craziest Arcade Games You Won’t Believe Were Actually Made

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Arcades were once the home of video games. During the 1980s and even early '90s, it was not uncommon for popular machines to have long queues, with people eager to put down their coins to play on the very best cabinets available. While the vast majority of these machines were simply ports of popular home console games or action-orientated affairs like Pac-Man or Asteroids, some publishers tried to experiment and ended up creating some truly weird arcade games.

The very best crazy arcade game machines stand out for a variety of reasons. They might involve some bizarre crossover of genres or use an unusual peripheral for the main control system. Whatever the case, these strange arcade games are all very different from what you might have played as a child - and you should try all of them at least once.

  • Boong-Ga Boong-Ga, otherwise known as Spank ‘em in English, is a South Korean arcade game that simulates punishment. This takes the form of both spanking and "kancho" - a term that describes a popular Japanese prank in which a person will poke a victim in the bum with their fingers. The title came with a special rubber bottom that users had to hit or poke to score points, with different characters representing enemies. These included a con artist, a gangster, and even ex-partners.

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    Sega Toylets

    In 2012, Sega released a series of new arcade machines designed to work in bathrooms. The Sega Toylet syncs up with a urinal so that users can control the onscreen action with their urine as they use the facilities. A screen is placed just above the urinal (for easy visibility) and special sensors detect the velocity and direction of the person’s stream, giving them control over what happens in the game. As you might imagine, most of the titles are short and rather simple so that people don’t spend too much time in the bathroom.

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  • The Typing of the Dead takes the traditional zombie slaying gameplay of House of the Dead 2 - but instead of using the more traditional tool to take down the enemies, it utilizes a keyboard. This gives it the unique gameplay mechanic of players typing out words that appear on the screen. Making a mistake has the same consequences as missing a traditional shot, meaning the typing has to be quick and accurate for the player to successfully clear each mission.

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    Repka Silomer

    Translated as the "Turnip Strength Tester," this Soviet arcade machine is inspired by a piece of Russian folklore. Repka Silomer gets players to pull on the mechanical turnip to demonstrate their strength, with each attempt given a rating from an animal-based scoring system. The harder you pull, the bigger the animal. The entire experience is based on the fairy tale of a family who grew a turnip so large they were unable to pull it out of the ground. Everyone, including the pet dog and even a mouse, had to get involved to finally extricate the stubborn vegetable.

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