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The Craziest Arcade Games You Won’t Believe Were Actually Made

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Arcades were once the home of video games. During the 1980s and even early '90s, it was not uncommon for popular machines to have long queues, with people eager to put down their coins to play on the very best cabinets available. While the vast majority of these machines were simply ports of popular home console games or action-orientated affairs like Pac-Man or Asteroids, some publishers tried to experiment and ended up creating some truly weird arcade games.

The very best crazy arcade game machines stand out for a variety of reasons. They might involve some bizarre crossover of genres or use an unusual peripheral for the main control system. Whatever the case, these strange arcade games are all very different from what you might have played as a child - and you should try all of them at least once.

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    The Tablecloth Hour

    Pulling a cloth off a table full of items is a pretty impressive trick - but it can prove to be costly if done wrong. After all, having to pay for new plates, glasses, and tableware when they smash on the floor is not ideal. For those who would rather put their skills to the test in a less risky way, one Japanese company created The Tablecloth Hour. The cabinet comes with a pull-out tablecloth that players have to pull out at the correct speed and angle. Getting as many objects to remain on the table as possible to score maximum points is the main objective.

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    Densha de Go!

    Densha de Go! is a train simulator series that first began in 1995 and officially debuted to the public the following year. Taito created a final arcade cabinet that eventually made its way to arcades in Japan in 2017. Featuring four display screens to make the experience as realistic as possible and an array of controls that make the machine almost identical to a genuine train. The entire machine is encased by walls to simulate the feeling that you really are the conductor.

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    Cho Chabudai-gaeshi

    First released in 2009, Cho Chabudai-gaeshi is an arcade game exclusive to Japan. The main aim is for players to pound on a table-like peripheral with their hands as hard as possible, with the ultimate goal being to flip the onscreen table over and spill the contents onto the floor. There are a variety of different scenarios, but the gameplay essentially remains the same throughout, with the user given just 60 seconds to be as ferocious as possible toward the poor table.

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    Sonic Blast Heroes

    Sonic Blast Heroes is the 2012 sequel to the classic arcade game Sonic Blast Man. It's a simple design, with a punching bag serving as the main gameplay mechanism. Players simply have to punch it as hard as they possibly can. What makes it so strange is that the punching bag is not an ordinary measure of strength. Instead, users compete to see how far they can launch targets, including dinosaurs and trucks, with their fists. The newer version includes new safety measures after the original title sparked concerns over users' personal welfare.

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