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The Craziest Arcade Games You Won’t Believe Were Actually Made

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Arcades were once the home of video games. During the 1980s and even early '90s, it was not uncommon for popular machines to have long queues, with people eager to put down their coins to play on the very best cabinets available. While the vast majority of these machines were simply ports of popular home console games or action-orientated affairs like Pac-Man or Asteroids, some publishers tried to experiment and ended up creating some truly weird arcade games.

The very best crazy arcade game machines stand out for a variety of reasons. They might involve some bizarre crossover of genres or use an unusual peripheral for the main control system. Whatever the case, these strange arcade games are all very different from what you might have played as a child - and you should try all of them at least once.

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    Heat Up Hockey

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    Sega took the basic air hockey concept and updated it with Heat Up Hockey. It’s a larger version of the classic arcade game that uses projectors to display various images on the playing surface. The idea is that this can add extra dimensions to the traditional game, as additional objectives can be added to the standard gameplay. These include targets for the players to aim at and obstacles they have to avoid.

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    Prop Cycle

    Most people have probably seen or used an exercise bike at some point, so seeing a fake bicycle isn’t exactly an eye-opener. Having one appear in an arcade might be more of a surprise though. Prop Cycle combined video games with exercise in the form of a racing title. Players had to cycle to control the height and direction of their in-game flying vehicle, popping balloons while avoiding the various obstacles littering the path. The rather simplistic control system meant a wide range of people could easily use it, and as a result, it had a run of popularity during the 1990s.

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    Better known outside of Japan by its English name of Mobile Suit Gundam: Bonds of the Battlefield, this is essentially a mech simulator. Players enter an enclosed cabinet containing a variety of controls, giving them the ability to take charge of a large robot to use against enemies. Unlike many other arcade games, these pods utilize online play, so players can fight each other around the world. Voice chatting with nearby players in the same arcade is also an option.

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    Taiko no Tatsujin

    Taiko no Tatsujin, which is sometimes known as Taiko Master outside Japan, is an arcade game that's been around since 2001. Created by Namco, the title aims to simulate the ancient Japanese tradition of Taiko drumming. Players use drumsticks to hit the two large drums that make up the machine's controls. The main objective is to match the hits with the corresponding notes that appear on the screen. Its popularity is such that English-language versions have even been exported.

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