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The Craziest Comic Book Characters, Ranked

Updated 25 May 2020 13.1k votes 2.3k voters 167.5k views20 items

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You almost have to be insane to be a comic book villain. They concoct grandiose schemes despite numerous failures, only to fail and be thrown back into prison by the seat of their spandex pants. It's hard to tell the difference between listing Batman's Rogues Gallery and flipping through the pages of the DSM-IV.

Heroes aren't exempt from having mental problems. Nothing drives drama like a hero losing his or heror her marbles and turning against his allies. The power that makes them great often comes with a precarious fragility and it's that imbalance that draws us to their struggle.

Even without the superhero dynamic, the crazy cream often rises to the top to create some of the most lasting impressions. This list contains the most unstable, insane, and downright crazy characters to ever grace the pages of comic books.
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