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Craziest Humanoid Cryptids by State

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Cryptids, for those not in the know, are mythical beasts, either culled from local or indigenous folklore, or else arisen from freaky encounters recounted by everyday citizens. There are near-uncountable cryptids all over the world, from the Loch Ness monster to the yeti. Many of these creatures are said to be human-like in appearance - in some cases simply because they are bipedal (walking on two legs); in others, because their resemblances to men, women, and children are uncanny. 

Every state in America has a humanoid cryptid to call their own. Some of these unclassified animals are urban legends steeped in local culture, while others are one-off, chance encounters with monsters, possibly even aliens. Here are 50 such cryptids, the craziest from every US state on the map.
  • Florida: Skunk Ape

    Florida's own Bigfoot (though it's been known to appear elsewhere), the Skunk Ape follows familiar territory where ape-like cryptids are concerned: big, hairy, and stinky. This last characteristic, however, is the Skunk Ape's most defining feature. Witnesses of the creature have likened this smell to that of a skunk, hence its name, but more often than not it is said to smell "rancid" or "putrid," like rotting food or dead flesh.

  • Georgia: Frozen Bigfoot

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    In August of 2008, two men claimed to have discovered the body of a dead Bigfoot-like creature near a northern Georgia forest. Naturally, the whole thing turned out to be a big hoax, but for just a moment, cryptozoologists believed the proof of this urban legend might have finally surfaced.
  • Hawaii: Menehune

    These mythical little people, who range in height from six inches to two feet, are said to be excellent and industrious builders, who can construct and engineer structures overnight. 
  • Idaho: Human-Like Aliens

    There have been numerous encounters with humanoid aliens in the Gem State, going back as far as the 1950s. In many of these incidents, strange "non-human entities" were observed either inside their spacecrafts, or standing near them. The beings in each individual sighting bore a striking resemblance to one another, with an incident in 1967 perhaps being the closest look at these creatures reported:  

    "Its face was oval and heavily pitted and creased. Two small, round eyes and a straight, slit-like mouth completed the facial features. Large ears stood high on the hairless head." 

    There were also a spate of sightings in 2013, in which "human-like figures" wearing either white or black suits were observed "in formation" near bright, shining objects.