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Craziest Humanoid Cryptids by State

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Cryptids, for those not in the know, are mythical beasts, either culled from local or indigenous folklore, or else arisen from freaky encounters recounted by everyday citizens. There are near-uncountable cryptids all over the world, from the Loch Ness monster to the yeti. Many of these creatures are said to be human-like in appearance - in some cases simply because they are bipedal (walking on two legs); in others, because their resemblances to men, women, and children are uncanny. 

Every state in America has a humanoid cryptid to call their own. Some of these unclassified animals are urban legends steeped in local culture, while others are one-off, chance encounters with monsters, possibly even aliens. Here are 50 such cryptids, the craziest from every US state on the map.
  • Photo: David & Stephanie Mucci / Spookader / Copyright

    Alabama: Huggin' Molly

    Huggin' Molly originated from Abbeville, where there's even a restaurant named after her. The legend goes, Molly appears to children at night. She grabs a hold of the kids, squeezes them tightly in her arms, and screams in their ears. She is purported to be seven feet tall and wears black clothing with a wide-brimmed hat or hood.
  • Alaska: Qalupalik

    The Qalupalik are creatures from Inuit legend. They are said to have long hair, green skin, and long fingernails. The Qalupalik snatch away disobedient children and keep them underwater forever. 
  • Photo: Fox 10 / via YouTube / Fair Use

    Arizona: Mogollon Monster

    The Mogollon Monster is Arizona's version of Bigfoot, said to roam around the Mogollon Rim, an escarpment near the New Mexico border. The beast stands roughly seven feet tall, is covered in long, matted hair, and is reported to smell awful.
  • Arkansas: Fouke Monster

    Also known as the "Southern Sasquatch," the Fouke Monster hails from the town of Fouke in Arkansas. Like other Bigfoot-related cryptids, the Fouke stands roughly seven feet tall, is covered in hair, and smells atrocious. However, this Arkansas iteration is reportedly quite violent. The Fouke provided the basis for the film The Legend of Boggy Creek.