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Mel Judson
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The unfortunately true stories on this list of the craziest deaths of 2014 are as tragic as they are freakish. These insane incidents make up the year's deadliest freak accidents. These recently deceased men, women, and children lost their lives in horrific ways that you probably did not even know were possible.

Don't believe us? Meet the Chinese chef who lost his life to a severed cobra head or the Mexican man who accidentally shot himself to death while posing for a selfie. The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge even makes an appearance on this list of the weirdest deaths of 2014, as does a car tire on the loose, and tape measure that apparently had a debt to settle.

These bizarre fatalities include a man who was electrocuted by his wedding ring and a woman who was struck by a horse. From newlyweds who crashed their cars into each other to a guy whose lawnmower flipped and ran him over, you will not believe the crazy ways people tragically lost their lives in the 2014.
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Chinese Chef Gets Bitten By a Cobra's Severed Head

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Chef Peng Fan cut off the head of a spitting cobra in order to dice up its body for a soup. 20 frickin' minutes later, the head was still functioning, as the chef tried to toss it into the trash. The severed snake head bit Chef Peng Fan and he died before anti-venom could be provided.

Source: USA Today
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Student Gets Crushed By the Elevator

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In an absolutely shocking death, a student died inside a malfunctioning lift at Huaqiao University. The lift jerked backwards and the young man couldn't move away in time. He got caught between the bottom of the floor and the top of the door, as the elevator crushed him to death.

Source: Daily Mail 
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An Entire Gate Falls and Kills 3 Year Old

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A shocking and crazy death came out of Philadelphia in the summer of 2014. A 3-year-old girl was killed when a metal gate fell on her from the outside of a frozen ice shop. Rita's Italian Ice became a horrific crime scene after upwards of 20 people tried, unsuccessfully, to save the dying girl's life.

Source: New York Post
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Sunbed Kills Father-to-Be

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A "freak sunbed accident" was reported in June of 2014 when a 17-year-old boy died. Grant Adams's girlfriend was due to give birth to his child in just two weeks when he stumbled out of bed, tripped over a shoe, and fell onto a sunbed. The teen's mother found him in a pool of his own blood after the sunbed tubes gashed his throat, splitting them into two and severing his jugular.

Source: Daily Mail
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