20 of the World's Most Disturbing Drug-Induced Freakouts

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 In the last few years, the news has become clogged with stories of people having adverse and detrimental reactions to drugs - particularly, synthetic drugs. The most common ones listed here include phencyclidine (PCP or angel dust); synthetic cathinones like mephedrone (bath salts or meow meow) and alpha-Pyrrolidinopentiophenone, or alpha-PVP (Flakka); and synthetic cannabinoids (spice or K2). Since every person is different, each reaction is unique yet equally traumatizing. Some users try to eat their loved ones, some people try to chop their arms off, and some people just take part in stripping down to their birthday suits.

People having bad reactions to street drugs isn't new. A quick YouTube search of teens trying molly, or any other synthetic substance, can dissuade most people from ever trying such things at all. Some of the items on this list of people taking recreational drugs are briefly entertaining, but most of them are horrifying and led to devastatingly tragic circumstances.

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    Houston Rapper Takes PCP And Eats His Girlfriend

    In 2002, Houston rapper Big Lurch took phencyclidine with his girlfriend when he slipped into psychosis and went after her. He ripped open her chest and began eating her lungs and other internal organs. A medical examination conducted shortly after his apprehension confirmed that he had her remains in his stomach. 

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    Man Takes PCP And Attempts To Eat His Son's Eyeballs

    On April 28, 2009, a 4-year-old boy was found naked on the ground outside his house. He later told police: "Daddy ate my eyes." His father, Angel, was high on phencyclidine when this happened. After attempting to eat his one of his son's eyeballs, he wheeled himself into his front yard, chained himself to a vacant home, and tried to cut his own legs off. 

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    Student High On Miaow Miaow Harms His Mom And Cuts Off His Own Member

    21-year-old Charles Mann took a devastating combination of alcohol and a synthetic club drug called miaow miaow before stabbing his mother 11 times. His mother, Emma Mann, survived, but she required extensive surgery. Mann then cut off his own member, screaming: "I love you, but this is the prophecy!"

    During his trial, the court determined that he was so severely intoxicated that he could not feel pain.

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    Florida Man High On Bath Salts Eats A Homeless Man's Face

    If you need a reason not to do bath salts, then please remember the 2012 story of Rudy Eugene, who took bath salts and ate the face of Ronald Poppo, a homeless man, before he was chased down and incapacitated by the police.