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Craziest Episodes Of 16 And Pregnant

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Sure, it plays music videos but MTV's best shows are usually the ones that have nothing to do with song. 16 and Pregnant is a prime example of this. A show about pregnant teenagers might seem like a bizarre content choice for a channel that brands itself as distributor of "Music Television." 16 and Pregnant has definitely made MTV a lot of money, though. After it's original airing, the show spawned multiple spin-off series; Teen Mom, Teen Mom 2, Teen Mom 3, and Teen Mom OG.

Over the course of five seasons, there have been more than a few bizarre happenings on 16 and Pregnant. In addition to the usual teenage drama of dating, school, and prom, these teens have a lot on their plate. Many come from broken homes themselves and face issues like poverty, homelessness, violence, and abuse. 

Including everything from emotional adoptions to abusive partners, these are the craziest episodes of 16 and Pregnant. 

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    Courtney And Scott

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    Season 5, Episode 11

    High school senior Courtney and her 19-year-old boyfriend Scott are expecting. The girl's religious beliefs regarding premarital sex are a focal point this episode. Although she acknowledges a lapse in judgment, she decides to practice abstinence once more. Her boyfriend is less than thrilled but he agrees since abstinence is very important to her.

    Why It's Crazy

    After having sex regularly and becoming pregnant, Courtney re-commits herself to her Christian faith. Premarital sex is no longer an option and Scott struggles to share her religious convictions. Even after Courtney and the baby move in with Scott, she stays committed to her decision. Their combined frustrations boil over in a heated argument in front of the baby, who cries as Scott storms out. Things are even more complicated because their son is born with a cleft lip that requires surgery.

    Craziest Quotes

    Holding a baby isn't "manly." 

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    Aubrey And Brandon

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    Season 2, Episode 15

    Aubrey decides to skip out on high school and party but her rebellious days are short-lived. She meets an older guy and becomes pregnant. Aubrey and boyfriend Brandon move in together, despite her parents' misgivings. Their attempt at playing house is quickly crushed when Brandon gets fired and the two are evicted. The couple moves in with Aubrey's elderly grandmother, who struggles with emphysema.

    Why It's Crazy

    Basically homeless and unemployed, Aubrey and Brandon try everything to make ends meet. They even pan for gold.

    Craziest Quote

    "You don't have a place to live, you don't have a job, it's not looking real good, is it?"

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    Lizzie and Skylar

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    Season 2, Episode 9

    Lizzie loves school, marching band, and her boyfriend Skylar. None of that changes when she becomes pregnant. After discovering the pregnancy, Lizzie's mother allows Skylar to move in to help care for the baby. The expectant father seems to step up to his responsibilities and even asks Lizzie's dad for permission to marry her. 

    After the baby comes, Skylar is loving and supportive. In light of the financial stress that come with a baby, Lizzie decides to drop out of school and pursue a more lucrative career even though she doesn't enjoy it. Her parents want her to follow her dreams and become a musician but her new dream is to be a great mom. 

    Why It's Crazy

    Lizzie and Skylar seem like a pretty legit couple. They tackle pregnancy head-on and handle it as well as two teenagers can. That all changes when Lizzie starts hearing rumors about Skylar's infidelity. As it turns out, her boyfriend has cheated with a girl named Krista after prom. The two girls were friends. 

    After Skylar confesses his transgressions to the 35-week pregnant Lizzie, she returns his ring and he moves out. It's a short lived separation, however. Lizzie forgives Skylar and takes him back just a few days before going in to labor. 

    Craziest Quotes

    "Do your other friends know? Like, all of them? That just makes me looks stupid."

    "I assumed it was just an ugly rumor but when I confronted Skylar about it, everything changed."

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