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The Craziest Things On Display At The International UFO Museum In Roswell, New Mexico

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When rancher W.W. "Mac" Brazel stumbled upon unusual wreckage near Roswell, New Mexico, on June 14, 1947, he had no idea a media frenzy would unfold after he reported his discovery to authorities. Described initially as a flying disc by the press, the shiny, metallic debris would be officially labeled by the US military as a fallen weather balloon. However, many still believe the wreckage was extraterrestrial in origin, which has given birth to creepy legends about Roswell

An alien museum was erected in Roswell, dedicated to educating the public about the story. If you're interested in UFOs, you can see some crazy stuff at the International UFO Museum. Exhibits at the International UFO Museum are arranged in a haphazard fashion around a tiny room. They range from replicas of alien autopsies to photographs of alleged flying saucers.

The museum does not try to convince guests one way or another about what happened at Roswell. It merely encourages you to ask questions and explore the facts for yourself. If you want to learn a little about the mysterious crash site, it's well worth a visit. Check out the weirdest things you can see at the museum below and vote up the strangest ones. 

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    Life-Sized Model Of An Alien Autopsy

    Even decades after the incident, there are still stories of alien autopsies being conducted after the Roswell crash. One tale alleges a nurse named Naomi Selff bolted from a hospital room with a cloth over her mouth shortly after the discovery of the Roswell debris. Selff supposedly insisted she saw doctors performing autopsies on small black bodies and was repulsed by the odor.

    While this does not prove actual alien autopsies occurred, as no solid evidence has surfaced about it, there are still believers out there. At the International UFO Museum, you can see a life-sized model of an alien autopsy being performed. 

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    Model Of A UFO Crash, Complete With Sound Effects

    Photo: rd47blog / YouTube

    At the center of the museum, there is a model of a UFO surrounded by human-sized statues of aliens. This is a replica of what the crash may have looked like if the theories about alien abductions are true. Every 20 minutes, smoke blows out of the UFO as laser noises and high-pitched alien sounds fill the air. 

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    Replica Of A Mayan Ruler's Sarcophagus

    The discovery of the tomb of Mayan ruler Pakal in 2012 led to much speculation amongst UFO enthusiasts. Carvings on his sarcophagus seemed to show him flying into space, leading to the belief the leader was an ancient alien. On the other hand, archaeologists widely dismiss the claim and instead believe the imagery represents Pakal moving into the afterlife. 

    The legend has such a large place in the UFO community that it was included in the International UFO Museum. You can see a replica of the sarcophagus and decide for yourself if the imagery indicates extraterrestrial activity.

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    Original Radio Broadcast

    Photo: rd47blog / YouTube

    When the Roswell crash was first reported back in 1947, initial stories were a bit sensational. On July 8, the local newspaperRoswell Daily Record, ran the headline, “RAAF Captures Flying Saucer On Ranch In Roswell.” Local Air Force officials would later insist the object in question was actually a weather balloon.

    The official explanation did not stop the heavy amount of reports alleging UFO activity. This would lead to over 300 flying saucer sightings in the months following the incident. If you want to hear one of the early radio broadcasts that was part of this media circus, you can do so at the International UFO Museum. Among the exhibits is an original 1947 radio broadcast that aired shortly after the incident occurred.

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