The Most Absurd, Over-Priced, And Outright Crazy Goop Products You Can Buy

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Gwyneth Paltrow has become as famous for her bizarre Goop products as she once was for her acting. The Academy Award-winning actress found a surprising second career as something of a lifestyle expert – though, admittedly, it's not the kind of lifestyle most people are used to. Gwynnie launched her (in)famous brand in 2008 as a humble little newsletter, and in the years since, it's evolved into a multimillion dollar enterprise known mainly for two things: absurd, overpriced products and Paltrow's questionable health advice.

The craziest products on Goop are a testament to just how out-of-touch Paltrow is with everyday folks and the demands of living paycheck to paycheck (her attempt to survive a week on food stamps was a spectacular fail). Fortunately, the weirdest merchandise selected and sold by Paltrow is always good for a laugh, even though she seems to take these items seriously. You have to wonder: is she some kind of marketing genius who has tapped into a demographic of wealthy, New Age-y, Beverly Hills white women? Or is she playing a ridiculous character with total, life-encompassing commitment, a la Andy Kaufman?

The answer might never be clear. In the meantime, let's enjoy a rundown of some of the most absurd Goop products.