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Even if you don't watch the show, you've probably still heard about the craziest guests on Dr. Phil. The show has become synonymous with strange people sharing their bizarre stories with the world, most of the time presenting their lives in a brash and unashamed way, making excuses for their actions at every turn. Even though the show tends to be cringe-worthy, it's easy to be completely sucked into the wild ride that is the Dr. Phil show.

The Dr. Phil episodes with the craziest guests make for the sort of train-crash TV-watching only the most disciplined can turn away form. For those who would rather not sit through entire episodes of Dr. Phil, its understandable. Thus, here's a list of the wildest Dr. Phil guests in all their mind-boggling glory. 

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A Girl (Supposedly) Pregnant With Baby Jesus

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One guest who has been featured multiple times on Dr. Phil is a teen girl named Haley (her last name has not been released). Haley was adamant that she was nine months pregnant, despite pregnancy tests and doctors telling her otherwise. What's more, Haley confidently has stated that she was giving birth to baby Jesus.

Dr. Phil arranged for Haley to get an ultrasound, which revealed that she was not with child. Of course, that didn't get in the way of Haley still believing herself to be pregnant. Of course, along with her claim to be carrying Baby Jesus, Haley had plenty of other exciting thoughts and beliefs. She thought rapper Eminem was her father. She also claimed to be a contestant on American Idol. Her family (and common sense) refuted both statements.

Haley ended up going to a treatment facility courtesy of Dr. Phil, but the experience didn't seem to help her much. She did finally come clean about the pregnancy on another episode she was featured on stating that she just had stomach gas but that she's still grieving over the situation.

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The Woman Who Pretended To Have Cancer To Make Money

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Jessica was a guest on Dr. Phil who was desperate to know why her mother Patricia was lying to people about having cancer. While Patricia did have brain surgery at one time, she'd never had cancer. Patricia would make local TV appearances stating that she had stage three brain cancer. In addition to cancer, Patricia claimed to have survived at least 17 strokes. She used her fake illness to scam people out of money in fundraisers.

Making matters worse is that Patricia didn't even use the money she scammed out of people to improve on her life. The home where she, her younger son, and her pets lived was a disaster. The dog was found to have an untreated eye infection that left him unable to open his eye.

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The Teacher Who Slept With Her Student And Didn't Think It Was Wrong

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Tanya Ramirez is a 29-year-old former teacher and coach from Corpus Christi, Texas. One day, a 17-year-old student came into her classroom and asked Ramirez for her phone number. Despite the fact that Ramirez was a teacher at the student's school and much older than the student, Ramirez gave him her phone number. They regularly texted for weeks, and eventually, the texts turned flirtatious. Ramirez told Dr. Phil she didn't feel as though they were doing anything wrong or illegal because the relationship was not taking place on school grounds.

Ramirez and the student ended up arranging a date at Ramirez's house. The student showed up at her home at 3 AM and the two had sex. The following week, Ramirez went to work and was called to the school's principal's office as her sex act had been discovered. The student had recorded the sex and Ramirez claimed no knowledge of the event. The student had shared the video with several other students, which eventually led to school officials finding out about the video.

Ramirez pleaded guilty to having an improper relationship with a student, a second-degree felony. In exchange for her guilty plea, Ramirez received seven years of probation and had to surrender her teaching license. She did not serve any jail time, nor did she have to go on the sex offender registry.

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The Woman Who Said Men Hit Women Because They Love Them

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19-year-old Romina Garcia was invited to the Dr. Phil show after a video she made and posted online went viral. The reason for the video's popularity? Garcia was defending abuse. The video, which features Garcia with a black eye, was made so Garcia could explain that being hit by her boyfriend means that he must really love her because he would risk going to jail by being violent toward her.

There were many rumors that Garcia overdosed from drugs and died shortly before her 20th birthday, but there have been no official reports of her death. However, celebrities like Kylie Jenner did share condolences online.