The Most Batsh*t Crazy Guests Dr. Phil Has Ever Tried To Fix

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Even if you don't watch the show, you've probably still heard about the craziest guests on Dr. Phil. The show has become synonymous with strange people sharing their bizarre stories with the world, most of the time presenting their lives in a brash and unashamed way and making excuses for their actions at every turn. Even though the show tends to be cringe-worthy, it's easy to be completely sucked into the wild ride that is the Dr. Phil show.

The Dr. Phil episodes with the craziest guests make for the sort of train-crash TV-watching only the most disciplined can turn away from. For those who would rather not sit through entire episodes of Dr. Phil, that's understandable. Thus, here's a list of the wildest Dr. Phil guests in all their mind-boggling glory. 

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    A Girl (Supposedly) Pregnant With Baby Jesus

    A Girl (Supposedly) Pregnant With Baby Jesus
    Video: YouTube

    One guest who has been featured multiple times on Dr. Phil is a teen girl named Haley (her last name has not been released). Haley was adamant that she was nine months pregnant, despite pregnancy tests and doctors telling her otherwise.

    What's more, Haley confidently stated she was giving birth to baby Jesus.

    Dr. Phil arranged for Haley to get an ultrasound, which revealed that she was not with child. Of course, that didn't stop Haley from still believing she was pregnant. Haley also had plenty of other exciting thoughts and beliefs. She claimed rapper Eminem was her father and that she'd been a contestant on American Idol. Her family (and some common sense) refuted both statements.

    Haley ended up going to a treatment facility courtesy of Dr. Phil, but the experience didn't seem to help her much. She did finally come clean about the pregnancy on another episode (she said she just had stomach gas), but she grieved as though she'd suffered a miscarriage.

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    The Woman Who Encouraged Her Daughter To Get Plastic Surgery And Be Promiscuous

    The Woman Who Encouraged Her Daughter To Get Plastic Surgery And Be Promiscuous
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    Dr. Phil guest Marianne was shocked when her husband confessed he'd gone to an adult club on a couple of occasions 15 years earlier. Ever since the confession, Marianne has been obsessed not only with her own looks, but those of her 19-year-old daughter Miranda as well.

    Miranda took her mom on the Dr. Phil show because Marianne started doing everything she can to look like a stripper and encourages the same from Miranda.

    Marianne got breast implants and a large tattoo on her back, and she installed a pole in her house. Marianne also talked Miranda into getting breast implants, but she wasn't happy with Miranda's size preference, telling her to go bigger and bigger. Marianne explained to Miranda that men are into large breasts and don't care how educated a woman is.

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    The Woman Who Said Men Hit Women Because They Love Them

    The Woman Who Said Men Hit Women Because They Love Them
    Video: YouTube

    Romina Garcia was invited to the Dr. Phil show after a video she made and posted online went viral. The reason for the video's popularity? Garcia defended domestic abuse. She made the video when she was 18 and had a black eye, and used it to explain that her boyfriend hit her because he must really love her. 

    There are rumors that Garcia overdosed from drugs and died shortly before her 20th birthday, but there have been no official reports of her death. However, celebrities like Kylie Jenner did share condolences online. Some also believe the whole thing was an act meant to be a satire.

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    The Woman Who Pretended To Have Cancer To Make Money

    The Woman Who Pretended To Have Cancer To Make Money
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    Jessica was a guest on Dr. Phil who was desperate to know why her mother Patricia was lying to people about having cancer. While Patricia did have brain surgery at one time, she'd never had cancer. Patricia would make local TV appearances stating she had stage three brain cancer.

    In addition to that, Patricia also claimed to have survived at least 17 strokes.

    She used her fake illnesses to scam people out of money in fundraisers. Making matters worse, Patricia didn't even use the money to improve her life. The home she shared with her son and pets was a disaster and her dog had an untreated eye infection that left him unable to open his eye.

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    The Dude Who Changed His Name To 'Sexy Vegan' And Tattooed It On His Forehead

    The Dude Who Changed His Name To 'Sexy Vegan' And Tattooed It On His Forehead
    Video: YouTube

    Sexy Vegan is quite the character. You can find him walking the streets of Hollywood wearing nothing but a speedo or very short shorts and carrying a full-length mirror. Vegan was featured on the Dr. Phil show because his sister takes issue with his antics.

    He admitted to being arrested 15 times for various offenses and his mother constantly bailed him out.

    Despite being 33 years old, he doesn't work and his mom takes care of his finances. Vegan also makes strange claims about himself, like that he's the best-looking person and the best dancer in existence.

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    That Guy Who Claimed To Write Taylor Swift's Songs

    That Guy Who Claimed To Write Taylor Swift's Songs
    Video: YouTube

    In the mind of 23-year-old Riley, he's a pretty big real. He claims to have written countless songs for a ton of artists. Riley even says he helped Taylor Swift write her hit, "Shake It Off."

    Because of this, Riley's parents took him on Dr. Phil to express their feelings regarding their son, who they feel is delusional. In fact, Riley's mom explains that she feels her son is a pathological liar.

    Dr. Phil told Riley that he's personal friends with Taylor Swift's mother and if Riley really was involved with Swift's career, he would know about it. But Riley stuck with his story for a while before admitting that drug use may have interfered with his thoughts. Regardless, he still believes Swift is his soul mate.

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