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The Most Unhinged And Entertaining High Speed Chases

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Who doesn't love high speed car chases? Admit it, when whatever daytime television program you're watching is interrupted by local news reporting some criminal eluding authorities down the interstate, you don't exactly look away. Crazy things always seem to happen on live television - and police chases are no exception. There's an element of danger to high speed chases - which are almost always caught on video - that is uniquely fascinating: you know it's going to end badly, it's just question of how violent and destructive it's going to get.

This list explores some of the craziest, most wild police pursuits caught on tape. From escaped mental patients, to magicians, to nudists, it turns out all sorts of people are the type to run from Johnny Law when in a pinch. Let's take a look at some of the most unhinged and entertaining high speed chases.

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    BMW Eludes Police At 150 MPH

    Video: YouTube

    In February 1998, a Shawnee County, KS, teen led authorities on an insane high speed pursuit that regularly got up to speeds of 150 mph. The 15-year-old - who smoothly maneuvered in and out of oncoming traffic like a Formula One driver - barreled away from police officers in a 240 horsepower BMW. Officers in pursuit, however, also had high-speed vehicles - cruisers with Corvette engines, a fortuitous break - and were able to keep up with the teen as he dodged spike strips, and almost forced to squad cars into a head-on collision. 

    Unfortunately for this young thief, the engine on the stolen German vehicles eventually crapped out and authorities were able to make an arrest.

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    O.J. And The White Bronco

    Video: YouTube

    In June of 1994, O.J. Simpson and his accomplice Al Cowlings led the Los Angeles Police Department on what is maybe the most famous car chase of all time. Simpson was planning to turn himself into authorities after being charged with the murder of his ex-wife, but he had a change of heart and decided to make a break for Mexico. As he and Cowlings fled in the now infamous white Ford Bronco, authorities were tipped off, and what followed was a chase across several LA freeways in a sensational event broadcast live all over the world. 

    Luckily, no one was hurt and the chase came to peaceful resolution at Simpsons's home in Brentwood, CA, where he (reluctantly) turned himself into authorities. 

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    Man Downgrades Stolen Cars, Is Quickly Caught

    Video: YouTube

    In September 2011, a 23-year-old man took Queensland, Australia authorities on a wild ride when he stole a bright yellow Porsche and bolted down the M1. A fugitive thought to be connected to several burglaries, the young man had been doing well at outpacing the cops in his newly acquired sports car - until he hit a guardrail, screwed up one of his front tires, and had to change vehicles.

    In a pinch, the car thief had to settle for the inferior Nissan Navara as his next ride. This modest Japanese vehicle's lack of horsepower eventually led to the cops tracking him down, where he finally surrendered but not without a fight. 

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    Insane Texas Biker Chase Goes Through Six Cities

    Video: YouTube

    In some ways, a motorcycle is an ideal vessel for eluding authorities - it's compact, agile nature allows one to dart in and out of traffic with ease, and slip through narrow corridors that would prove impenetrable for a full-size car. In the above video, a Texas biker used all the strengths of his bike to evade authorities in an insanely long chase that went through six different cities, finally ending at the Dallas-Fort Worth Airport. At certain points of the pursuit, the bike hit speeds of 100 MPH, and at one point he nearly bumped an officer giving chase on his own motorcycle. Give this guy some credit, it's a pretty well-executed getaway attempt.

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