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14 Episodes Of "I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant" That Will Make You Say "How Did You Not Know"

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I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant is one of many TLC reality series and one of the best reality dramas. The documentary-style show follows the true stories of women who didn't know they were pregnant. The women featured on the show are all different shapes, sizes, ages, and from all different walks of life. There's no recipe for determining which women might fall victim to becoming pregnant without ever knowing it. The dangers and complications that can arise from unexpected pregnancies are extreme, and can sometimes even be deadly.

Most I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant episodes usually involve a woman who definitely does not appear to be pregnant. She usually gives birth under bizarre circumstances. Some of the women featured on the show were told by medical professionals that their chances of ever conceiving were so low, that the possibility wasn't even on their radar. Some suffered multiple miscarriages before finally conceiving and carrying nearly to term without even knowing it.

Whatever the reason, finding out you're having a baby while in labor is sure to be a pretty crazy experience. If you're interested in true stories of women who didn't know they were pregnant, or just want to read about some crazy birthing stories, then check out this list and vote up the craziest I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant episodes.

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    Rock and Roll Momma

    The Episode:

    In the series pilot, 25-year-old Niamh is the lead-singer in an Irish rock-band called Ham Sandwich. The busy tour schedule keeps her at a slim 112 pounds. She parties, drinks, and tours like a rockstar. One summer day, she begins having such severe abdominal cramping that she rushes to the hospital where she discovers she's pregnant.

    What Makes It So Crazy:

    At only 119 pounds, Niamh somehow makes it to 35 weeks pregnant and into active labor before she even realizes she is pregnant. She toured, partied, smoked, and drank her way through her unknown pregnancy, but still somehow gave birth to a healthy baby.

    Craziest Quotes:

    "The baby's head is already in the birth canal."

    "I was in so much pain, I couldn't move."

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    Fast Food Baby

    Video: YouTube

    The Episode:

    28-year-old Danille is a full-time manager at a local fast food restaurant. She's been dating someone for about six months, but wasn't trying to get pregnant. In fact, she was going to a women's clinic that gave her monthly pregnancy tests in exchange for birth control. Danille already has three children, so she's pretty familiar with pregnancy. Yet, despite having no symptoms, Danille finds herself giving birth in a bathroom stall at work one night.

    What Makes It So Crazy:

    Danille gave birth in a fast food restaurant bathroom and her baby was delivered by her 16-year-old employee. If that's not crazy enough, she also somehow made it all the way to full term without ever realizing she was pregnant, despite having been pregnant THREE times before. In addition, she had no medicine to ease the pains of birthing a baby. 

    Craziest Quotes:

    "She's gushing blood, and it's just all over the place."

    "Oh my god, I see a head!"

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